Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

It was hot yesterday it's going to be hot today and hotter tomorrow.
David is here working on the secret garden. I'm up early to try and do some weeding in the garden, Courtney and Heidi are coming early to cut Lavender.
My lilies have all bloomed and smell heavenly making the whole house fragrant with their pungant perfume. My vegetable garden has suffered in my absence, the lack of water has stunant their growth. Meanwhile Becky's garden has started producing big. We had dinner at Jan's house last night and feasted on her snap peas and cucumbers.
Sock Summit is almost here, I'm trying to stay calm and the amount of yarn waiting in the office has helped the stress level. I've been plying and spinning and pleased with my progress. My little spinning wheel has had a work out and those 5 bobbins have been filled, emptied and filled again just as the plying bobbins. Beaded yarn is drying in the drying rack and awaited reskiening and labels. The front room stays cool so retreating to spin in the hottest part of the day. Steven has had a restful few days and will resume computer work today.
I have a long list of jobs to do this week and another dentist's appointment but plan to make time to visit with Emma, Don and Mark. We are in the same state at the moment, and looking forward catching up, plus I'm feeling the need for a cuddle from Mark.
Well back to spinning cashmere. Kept it cool!

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