Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Hot?

Yesterday it was103 here today it was 110 tomorrow it's suppose to be hotter. Steven and I drove 60miles to purchase the only air conditioner in a 200 mile radius of our house. It was like feeding time at the shark tank. I sat on the one we got while Steven went to get a cart.
Now the bad news it has to be installed. I had a melt down and Steven drove me to a movie theater and then to dinner.
We are home now, it's 87 downstairs, upstairs it's hard to breathe. I've stolen the fans from the drying rack and am heading to the shower with the nightie on, and as I told Ms. Audrey today I will remind her in February about spinning in the front room today.
It was hotter today than in Huston Tx. Tulsa Ok and Los Angeles. Hotter than when we cleaned out my MIL's house in Tucson two years ago.
Remind me when I'm complaining about how cold it is this coming winter.
Tomorrow we install the air conditioner at first light. Wish us luck. Stay cool!

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