Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day with Friends

Steven and brother John went White Water Rafting yesterday. So I called my dear friends Sarah and Bonnie to see if we could get together! I finally got there and we had a rocking time. Bonnie is a Master Gardener and her husband is a Professional Gardener, so here are breathtaking pictures of the gardens.
We had an awesome lunch and all too soon it was time to head back to Seattle and another hotel room. This time we are staying at the Best Western, yesterday was the Watertown. If you have a choice go to the Watertown......
Sarah is teaching embellishing at SOAR these are some of the hats she "just whipped up" to do class prep

Bonnie and Henry at the computer, this is they way they work together

Bonnie's fan collection

Bonnie is going to e-mail me names of plants so check back later for it but I do know this is a plant that is named after Bonnie (Rose) and her husband is pattening it!

This is the parent plant to the new Bonnie Rose

Campanula (again I'm probably wrong it's hard to remember when your tongue is hanging out and drooling over the beauty of her garden)

This I can't forget it is a tea plant and Bonnie is showing us the part they pick for the tea. Just a few leaves off the top. Bonnie is a Tea Blender......a passion we both share as well as both of us had English Mothers, spooky thing is they died within a week of each other......


From here on in it gets a little fuzzy so I'll have to wait for the email

More Lillies


Pentstamum (spelling?)

Love in the Mist

A seasonal pond in her back yard!

This Hydranga is from a cutting lifted from Camp Burton on Vashon Island

I made Sarah stand in front of this Hosta so that you can see how amazing it is... Bonnie and Sarah have made concrete leaves from this plant

Native Sword Ferns

I think this is the Golden Oak

How cool is this!

It's not what you think! I can't remember it's real name but it's not what Sarah is making it out to be......but hey we were being silly

Part of our luncheon was salad from these hanging baskets, the best way to grow lettuce in the Pacific Northwest no slugs on these plants


Flowers were everywhere in delightful arrangements this one was on the back porch where we sat knitting socks

A gift from Bonnie, a special Lilly seatbelted in carefully ready for transport home

Meanwhile my poor friend Jan has just found out that thier county is trying to push the Urban boundry into her back yard. So if you would go to Keep Beavercreek Rural ( and send encouraging thoughts to her. Also loving thoughts to my Nieces and their families that they are loved in their time of grief.
Steven now says he's tired of having fun (you have to get up too early) and wants to go home. So we are off See you soon!

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