Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sleeping in Seattle

We had a great day yesterday touring Seattle (again) my brother, my son and I. We did a lot of walking and today Steven and John and John's long time friend Charlie are going white water rafting (can't see my computer geek child in a wet suit but he's game!?) so I'm going off to have lunch with my friend Bonnie Rose (Tea Time Garden fame) and sitting in her awesome garden. Meanwhile here are some pictures
Backing up to last Saturday was Becky's friend's Bills birthday. Bill is a single gentleman of a "certain age" so had a "big boy" birthday at Hooters. I knit while watching this incredible feat!

Now onto the normal part of the blog!
We went on the "Duck" tour in this amphibous vehicle

It's really silly and there are duck whistles involved Steven at the ready

Brother John (he looks less ready! didn't know at this point he is coming down with the crud)

We toured Seattle with all manor of silliness and then entered the water. This is another Duck tour coming out of the water

It was a gorgous day and these are some views of Lake Union

Sleepless in Seattle House boat

There were all these Sea Scouts bobbing around in boats. It looked really fun and I wish I could have been a sea scout! What a wonderful way to spend a summer.

Random art work on the side of the road

We were stopped by a draw bridge openning it was great!

We then took the Monorail to Pike's Market hiked around, went to lunch at SAM, then went to the Music/Science Fiction Musuem (became a member) then went back to the hotel where poor John crashed. I went to bed fairly early so as to get Steven off at 8:00 am (really early for Steven) and then had a peaceful morning with you. Now I'm off to Salumi, Hill Top Knitting and then to Bonnie's house. I'm leaving the internet so it may be a while until my next post.
PS I feel much better and have two new teeth and prep'd for three more!

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