Thursday, June 25, 2009

What happened before the Journey....

On Tuesday of last week we planted the 60 lavender plants I had purchased over the weekend. David and his friend along with Courtney and our newest helper at TFC Hiedi along with David's daughter all pitched in and planted and planted. After all the outside work there was a lot of inside work. We had to skein and ship yarn, pack up and clean up. It took two days to get ready to go. Courtney reports all the plants are doing well and we finally have some "grow'n" weather in St. Helens.
I'm in Red Bluff CA were the weather is very warm. I've just had to change rooms as the air conditioner quit, and it's late so I'll down load more pictures another time

Emma and Mark in the Secret Garden....

Mark didn't want to come out of the garden...

Pee Kitty (Isabelle) was throwing herself at Mark. She isn't usually friendly but Mark won her over...

Planted and Mature Lavender

David putting together a drip system for the new vegetable garden

David used an aguer to dig the holes

It doesn't look like it but there are 60 lavender plants here


Snap Peas

Brussel Sprouts


Soy Beans, however one was removed by an unknown critter

Vegetable Garden

The back garden

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