Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starting the journy

I'm here at Black Sheep Gathering!! I have taken some pictures but can't seem to download them from the phone.
I have had a wonderful time, however today is moving on day. This was probably the most quiet Black Sheep on record. I will be moving on to Sheilas house today to be completely AWAY, so that I can write a few patterns.

Mom has been very close to our hearts this weekend, as so many of her good friends were here. Trish the sheep got Champion Fine Wool Sheep. Jan was kind enough to give me the ribbon.

(several days later I've made it to high speed, and now there are pictures but let's pretend that this is several days ago..)
Jan and my good friend Cynthia relaxing after a long day at Black Sheep

My other friends Maria and John (John is the sheep shearer for Jan and Maria he likes Glen too....)

Becky and Cynthia talking about good things

Sheep show at Black Sheep

Jackie, Sheila and Becky all clowning

First person I greet at Black Sheep is Neil

"My Sheep" Trish

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