Monday, June 08, 2009


So the camera is still broken, sorry I do have a lot of new technology and many new things in the car, which is currently parked outside of Becky's house. The car is full to the brim with the last two days of shopping.

Yesterday Jan and I went to Lantern Moon's warehouse to get some things for our booth at Sock Summit. Two shelving units = one huge box one large box and three med. Boxes. We had such a wonderful visit everyone there, plus they needed yarn for their displays at TNNA. Of course I was only too happy to help them out, so tomorrow morning early I'll be taking a large basket of yarn for them to use.

Also tomorrow is the continuing saga of tooth repair. I'm having three crowns done, waaaa

Back to what's in the car.... An Aero bed. Since I will be alone at Black Sheep Gathering this year, I've decided to camp out. Mike gave me a Cabana that attaches to the car. The Aero bed is so comfortable (Shelli of Knitterly has one of these in her Temple of Yarn) that I will have my own Temple of Yarn. I'm looking forward to a great stay then a brain storming session at Sheilas (I'll finally be writing several sock patterns) then onto Knitterly for a long overdue Trunk Show!

Then I will drive to LA for a short visit then fly to Loops in Tulsa OK for a rocking PJ party. Back to LA then Cleo, Steven and I will be driving back to St. Helens so Steven can be my intern. It really is going to interesting having my own son as an intern, for both of us.....

Another purchase in the car is 10 pounds of Super-wash Merino and a lb. of silk. I have 8 spinner boxes to mail (by the way if you are a TFC spinner waiting for your box it's being mailed tomorrow after I go into Portland) and two flats of plants and a bamboo tomato cage that I bought during Becky's Nusery Crawl. Add the trip to Bob's Red Mill to get several cases of oatmeal and other grains, the bag of clothes, singles for plying, a whole new phone set up all which made for several trips to the car to load everything in, and when I got to St. Helens a lot of unpacking for Courtney and I.

Becky and I are going to be at Pioneer SQ. In Portland this Saturday for the National Knit Out that Knit/Purl is hosting. Rest assured that there will be a basket of yarn at Knit/Purl for your shopping pleasure.

Meanwhile tonight is all about making yarn! See you on Saturday!!!!


Anonymous said...

I feel your dental pain. I have to have 3 restored what ever that means but it costs 5K.
Cool about Steven being your intern you'll have to take pictures.
Lantern Moon has a warehouse???? Where??
I wanted to go to sock summit but I ma broke. Plus all the classes were gone you know.
Sock patterns??? Some day when we aren't at TNNA or such I am going to ask you for some sock help.
Hope all is well other wise.

Sheila E said...

Looking so forward to seeing you in just a few days!
Keep well and happy until them wouldja!
Love you!!

Pamelamama said...

Will be fun to see you again at Sock Summit! Are you staying anywhere awesome?