Monday, June 15, 2009

A week of making yarn

We've been making yarn this week. On Thursday we sent yarn to Loops, Knitting Central, Loop and Leaf, Knitters Studio Anneka's Needleworks and Wild Fiber. The World Wide Knit in Public day was interesting in Pioneer Sq. Becky started a sock and I started another Shoulder Candy. Becky's sock was rather large and I was having trouble counting so we switched! Now Becky is knitting the shoulder Candy, I will knit on my socks.......

So I have a new phone and things aren't quite sync'ed yet but I'm working out the details..... the camera is not only not working but somehow has a huge dent in it. I haven't got to the repair shop yet but I'm still working on that problem.
Courtney and I have done several new color-ways and I'm really excited about what we've been doing.

Meanwhile these are from my phone

I got to have lunch with Emma and Mark, he's a card!

The new Cabana on my car! I'm ready for BSG now

Sushi go round in Salem having lunch with Becky

Jan and I at the Mac store doing phone stuff.......

Just a quicky to say that I'm still alive and thinking of you all. Knit Long and Prosper!

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