Sunday, June 28, 2009

A short stop

My Dad loves Trains he should have been a Train Engineer instead of Rocket Engineer. I stopped at Train Mountian to have a ride on his friend Thane's train, there were a lot of other trains and it was interesting to see other people as passionate about thier hobby as the people that attend Black Sheep Gathering. However the train hobby comes with a much larger price tag.
This is a picture taken on the road of Mt. Shasta

There were walls of cut trees for train fuel

The holding track for resting trains

This is the train I rode on.

My Dad getting the train ready for my ride

My car waiting

A view from the train on our lovely ride through the forest

All too soon I was on my way to Petaluma and (as you all ready know) spent the night in Red Bluff. I'm leaving Petaluma tomorrow and look forward to seeing Mike and Steve tomorrow.

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