Monday, May 25, 2009

Two short days

Today I'm procrastinating with you instead of working or cleaning the house. I've been a little off track and not really getting much done other to enjoy life, which is important I know, but getting yarn made is really important as well. Two short days I'll be back in Portland where there is less distractions and a lot more reminders that I have a thriving yarn business

This is Alexandra spinning Chocolate Cashmere for Textured yarn, while at GLASG spinning guild meeting

Ummm fleece, how to skirt and wash a fleece was the program which had really good information. When I asked Jen what she learned about fleece is that she doesn't want to "DO" one. Wisdom, know what you like and you don't like.

Although I smelled the sheep faintly while I knitted away, it didn't make me as sad as it might have. Jan and I have just had a really good visit and I'll be seeing her on Wed. when she picks me up from the Airport.

Talking about Jen, this is her front yard garden in Lakewood! We often car pool to GLASG guild meeting, isn't it lovely? She also has chickens. I really want to do this in our front garden and hopefully Mike will look at this picture and fall in love as I have

After we dropped Jen off, Alexandra and I tried a new Dominican Rep. restaurant. She had Dominican Stew with rice and Avocado and I had a combo plate. I finished my baby hat in Multnomah Falls in SW Merino, and started on socks to match the hat.......

Sunday I joined my family to celebrate Erik Joseph Andersen graduating from Cal. State Fullerton! I'm so proud as we all were. The Graduation started at 8:30 am but somehow was continued at 10:30 which is the one we attended (even still it was an early morning AGAIN)
I took my knitting of course and knit on the socks while all the smart kids received their diplomas

Before we even hit the tent we hit Starbucks, while standing in line for some much needed caffeine, BIL (John) points out what's on the rack......

Erik graduating!

I'm not sure who was smiling more him or his parents or Aunty Trish! PS he's the one on the left

Proud Mom and beloved SIL Cinti wearing her hand knitting scarf that she just bound off (Newport Rocks in Cashmere), her first knitting project since childhood! She's already in withdrawal for more yarn (when are you coming back? Why didn't you bring more yarn? I need it.... I really need it.....)

Danielle is knitting! Niece Danielle (sister to Erik daughter of Cinti) is a knitting whiz and has started a scarf ! It was a knitters dream, all my SIL's knitting away talking about knitting and yarn. Janet (another beloved SIL) feels left out and wants to knit too! So she will be getting some yarn and a book soon..... (ummm my evil plan is working!!!) Roxanne (yes another SIL) has been back to Knit Affair so much I think she has her own parking place, and my MIL has had to wait while endless rows are completed!! Sock Summit here they come!

All the BIL's are groaning about knitting, all the Sil's are addicted (just one more row, just one more) and now the it's effecting the next generation with Danielle and Becky, a family's addiction isn't it a shame.... all because of one terrible pusher... ME! hehehehe watch out I'm coming to a yarn shop near you........


danie said...

ohhhhh you have me hooked!!! I loved learning and laughing with you and miss you already!! I am already planning my evil plan to come up and take up camp for a week or has been at least 10 years since I was up there and my husband needs to come see you at home..... We must talk to plan this wonderful event!!!

Thanks again for your expertise and social skills!! Love you lots!!


Sheila E said...

Yumm to Alexander spinning that beautiful cashmere...
yumm to your newly knitted hat (I know I'm behind...but still)
yumm to wonderful food....
congrats to your nephew...and his happy they must be
yumm to YOU!
I love you Dear Friend!