Friday, May 22, 2009

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Taco Meat Gladys style;
One Boneless Butt or Shoulder roast large (Turkey or Chicken breasts work well too)
6 Tomatillo's (large, more if small)
6 Anaheim Chilli's
6 Pobalno (a large Bell peper like chilli but can be spicery and darker green) Chilli's
2 Large Yellow Onions
2 large heads of Garlic
2 packages of Taco Seasoning mix
One large bunch of Cilantro

Roast Chilli's and remove skin, seeds and core ( I have roasted Chilli's on Electric, Gas and BBQ but be sure to have all the windows open if you do this in the house, you can be certain of setting the fire alarm off, don't answer the phone at this point either as your chilli's will be burnt when the skin bubbles place chilli's in a plastic bag for a while and it will help remove the skin!). Remove paper and quarter Tomatillo's (These are an important ingredient, you can get these canned sometimes if you don't have them fresh in the grocery store, if you really can't find either e-mail me and I'll send you some they are that important) cut coarsely Onion (our friend Dan hates onion so I used to tell him I omitted them and he was thrilled and again non the wiser, those who knew that Onions were in it claimed he would eat the most Taquito's, 12 at one sitting) Cilantro (Ms Audrey hates Cilantro but always loves this meat it is an important flavor, however by the time all these things are simmered over night you just have a broth and no one is the wiser) and Garlic. Wash Roast or Breasts removing any bone fragments.

Place Roast into large Dutch Oven or Stock Pot add all other ingredients cover with water bring water to just before boiling then cover loosely and simmer over night (or place in slow oven 325 for many hours) until meat falls apart. Take meat out of stock pot and let cool slightly (cool enough to touch) Remaining liquid needs to be reduced, begin by turning up the heat until liquid in just under the boil and stir frequently. While stirring and reducing liquid, remove any unwanted bits from meat, (IE Grizzle, connective tissue or if you haven't used a boneless roast now is the time to remove the bones.) pull remaining meat apart until you have strings of meat, return meat to the liquid and reduce until meat is slightly moist but not running with juice. Cool and put into freezer containers or use right away. This is a base meat product and can be used in Tamale's, Burritos, Taco's/Taquito's and Enchilada's. It is better the next day or after freezing, which works well if you want to make ahead and use for large knitting/spinning gatherings. It is a labor of love and almost a full afternoon of roasting chili and cutting ingredients but if you make enough you've got the week covered for dinner!

This picture is JoJolands Swirl Shawl, I want to make this out of some TFC yarn.... I understand it's not a beginning project, but can't you see this in Newport Rocks in Cashmere? Ummmmmm


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Thank you for the recipe!!! Sounds like a perfect way to spend a cold raining day.

Nice shawl project.

Becky Rose said...

hee hee...Mom, they're spelled "Tomatillos". You make me laugh...

Sheila E said...

I love the will look magnificent in your yarn!
Tell the guys...good job on the roof.
We too are doing the roof this summer...must be something in the air.
Thanks for the new recipe ;)

Allison bourne said...

I'll knit it for you..