Sunday, May 17, 2009

Super wonderful and beyond!

Today was a celebration of food. Food Food and MORE Food. New friends and laughter.

We started out early and headed for downtown Seattle for our food tour. We ended up having our first cup of tea in a cute coffee house, this is the key to the ladies room!

The Hammering Man in front of....

SAM Seattle Art Museum

We met our tour group inside SAM, took a quick photo of the marble Ram's in the foyer

Our first stop was at the TASTE which is SAM's Museum restaurant, we had some great flat bread with Smoked Salmon and an explaintion about all the sustanable and local produce served there. They were having a special dinner presenting the farmers that produce Salmon Safe produce. I made a reservation on the spot (IE without checking with Becky or even thinking about the fact she may not want to go). The next stop was to Pike's Market and a Crepery. Here is a Nuttella-Banana Crepe

at the I Love New York stand we sampled Hot Pastrami sandwiches along with a potato Kniche (spelling here) and a fresh dill pickle

Fresh fruit from the Corner Fruit Stand

The famous Gum wall, yuck

Slipper making young man, from Whiby Island holding my new slippers

Look at these wonderful artichokes

Becky buying cheese

The Cheese Festival

We kept seeing this sign (Where are we Mom, I don't know Becky but look there's the pink Elephant again) and it was funny as we had consumed a lot of wine

These are Becky's favorite kettle potato chips

Then we went to our special dinner. It was more than great. So many interesting people along with the farmers and such. I can't say enough about the wine pairings along with top taste treats prepared by expert chief's

Oyster Bill talking to Becky whom expressed an interest in shucking Oysters and never had consumed a raw Oyster, so Oyster Bill got one from the kitchen and showed Becky and made her eat it


Back to the hotel and to another blissful nights sleep

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