Thursday, May 21, 2009

Return trip

I've just returned to California from Oregon for a University Graduation and a Funeral, I'm so proud of my Nephew and so sad about the funeral. Jimmy North was one of my FIL's old work mates, and hasn't been in good health for a while, but it's another reminder that life is so short.

Cleo was very glad to see me and I her. I have to leave her here until next month when I'll be home more.

Our house here in Los Angeles is getting a new roof. Men have been clopping around since 7:00 am this morning and uncovering terrible termite and dry rot damage, so the price of the job is going up by the inch!
This is a picture of the garage roof, what you can't see is the daylight on the back side. They are going to start on the house on Tuesday....

Aroma Therapy is blooming big

This was our breakfast on Monday, all from the Pikes Market in Seattle....

Yesterday I got a tour of Becky's work! This is the entrance

True words

These are the wetlands that the company are re-habituating behind the plant

Aren't these Hosta's huge? They are in the entry way for the plant

The Aprium Tree is dropping fruit everywhere so this afternoon I'm going to be harvesting fruit. I somehow have to make several skeins for production and get dates firmed up for the next 5 months. Seems odd to book things for November when we haven't even had June yet but it is important to plan things (who is saying this?)

My Sil's are knitting up a storm and I have been trying to knit a hat, I think I've managed to cast on (for the third time) the right number of stitches and with the right size needles, but was so disappointed to not have an almost made garment by the time I left the plane yesterday..... I'll probably be in Indianapolis during the first weekend in June, Black Sheep Gathering the weekend of June 19th, then Knitterly the last weekend in June, then Loops in Tulsa OK July 11th! I'll be posting a calendar so everyone (my family) knows what and where I'll be! Hope you can join me soon in some knitting fun!

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Sheila E said...

What a Great place for Becky Rose to work!