Saturday, May 16, 2009

Home and Happy

It's lovely to be home again, even though I'm hardly home at the moment. Today Becky and I went to Seattle WA. We are here for the Cheese Festival at Pike Market for a little Mom's Day treat. Today we take a food tour of Pike's Market, yesterday we had a leisurely drive and went to the Seattle Museum of Art, they have a Pollack! Getting ahead of myself though so back in time we go to Tuesday......
Mike took me to the airport and Jan picked me up. She had washed and detailed my car and put some Lilac's in the vase from her garden. This is Jan's new mower attachment for her tractor. She and my friend Ann have really neat tractors...

Part of Jan's flock. I love these lambs, yes most of these sheep are lambs even though they are incredibly large. Every sheep with a coat on is a keeper, the ones without...... note the lovely mowing on the grass.....

Most people ask me if I have sheep, I answer sort of. Although I had to give up having sheep since I'm on the road so much making pet ownership too challenging (Cleo is with Mike at the moment) Jan named this sheep "Trish" aka "My" sheep! So here she is the belle of Spinning Ewe Farms, Jan remarked that she is the loudest as well as being the first one to the feed...ummmmm. If you are lucky enough to make it to Black Sheep Gathering meet Trish as she is going to be there as well!

With so many sheep (mostly brown) Jan has her fleece carded into interesting blends, this is her dark brown sheep's wool along with Sari Silk waste, ummm

Jan does have some white sheep, here is some blended with Sari Silk waste

More roving

These next two are brown wool with Silk Noil blended into it. The picture below is a fine fleece and this one is a medium fleece

Here is my favorite Alpaca "Ming" blended with dyed Bambo

Here is brown sheep's wool carded ready to spin! Soft ummmm a spinners delight

After a pleasant evening with good dear friends I ambled home to see everything in bloom, Here is our Dogwood Tree

Blue Bells

My little piece of heaven the front porch......and beyond relaxing spinning

The rest of the week was spent plying, beaded yarn. By Friday I was ready for a break so I spun up some SW Merino in Multnomah Falls to knit a pair of sock for myself on my trip, but Becky got mad and said this was a fun Mom/Daughter trip, I was upset not to have drying yarn and the prospect of a new pair of socks.......
On our way to Seattle she produces THESE SOCKS knit out of Multnomah Falls by HERSELF! The thing I will miss the most about my Mom is the pair of socks I could count on for every birthday and Christmas... no longer, so Becky taught herself to knit socks off of YouTube and Wikipedia! She missed Mom as well but heard her voice encouraging her to keep knitting. These are Becky's first socks, which nearly made me wreak the car I was so over come with delight!

We had to stop and I tried on this one, perfect fit! Multnomah Falls!!!

After a long day walking and driving around Seattle we went to the only restaurant I know there. Pasta Freska, it's a surprise dinner, they just bring you things and you eat them. One of our surprises was this bottle of wine, I asked for a glass of Riesling and got this..... it was good especially toward the end of the bottle. The only unpleasant surprise was how much this bottle cost!

When we got to the hotel it was overbooked and we had to take a king suite instead of two Queens, but we received ANOTHER BOTTLE of WINE and free breakfast! We are supposed to be getting ready to go to our Market tour so I'm off for more fun. Becky slept like a rock and I tossed and turned, but we are ready for FUN! See you tonight!

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Anonymous said...

A Cheese tour I love it. Pikes it great I get Crumpets and Bangers when I am there. Tell Becky hello.