Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let the sun shine in.....

I worked inside while the men worked outside...Mike was painting boards, Steven was helping Mike and there were men all around, working

Here are a lot of old termite homes

You can't hear all the termite poop running to the bottom of this board but it sounds like one of those "rain sticks"

Termite damage

Daylight not in a good way

This man is replacing the wood at $2.97 a linar foot, look he is measuring $$$$$$

Star Jasmine in full bloom, although the Pink Jasmine is finished. Every roadway in Lakewood smells heavenly as this is planted along almost every roadway. The smell is a much deeper floral scent then the Pink Jasmine (this is my distraction as Mike walks around and around saying "this isn't good, it's not good)

Lemon Tree with more lemons for Curd

A view of the garden

Apriums! This afternoon's haul, most of the one's on the ground were really not good anymore

Steven and I left the depressing scene and went to the Farmers Market and found Apriums for sale! We didn't buy any though, but did get Artichoke Hummus, Corn on the Cob, Avocados' and fresh eggs. We then went to get "really" groceries and found another display and bought some, I was there yesterday!!! WOW

Tonight a very strange thing happened. Steven and I went to visit my Grandniece in the hospital and got terribly lost inside trying to return to our car, 45 minutes later we finally found the parking lot, (at 10:30 pm in the very dark and lonely parking lot) When a little lady starts to yell my name! Gladys was hailing me from across the parking lot.
Gladys use to babysit and clean house for me 20 years ago. She was so kind and good to my children and a pleasure to be around. One day (long ago) I asked Gladys to teach me how to make her Taco/Enchillada/Taquito Meat. Now my famous Taco/Enchillada/Taquito meat!

She was so happy to see me and I was astounded to see her, especially since Becky and I had just talked about her this weekend. We hadn't thought about Gladys for years and low and behold there she was standing in the hospital parking lot at 11:00pm, not even the real hospital parking lot, some back, behind, far away from the hospital parking lot. We stood chatting for a long time. She said I've not changed a bit (it was dark) and she said Steven was the same but way bigger, he is 6' 2" the last time she saw him he was under 4 feet tall......
How strange to have just talked about her this weekend in Seattle (Gladys use to "let" Becky help her with the cleaning jobs, this thrilled Becky and make Gladys smile) and find her again in Long Beach Memorial Hospital parking lot.... She has a super recipe for Chille Rellano but she said she wasn't going to share that recipe she'd just make it for me!!! I look forward to the Guatemalan (not like the "lazy" Mexican way) way of making Chille Rellanos........Can you believe it?


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Ohhhh. Do share the taco meet recipe!

I love those potato chips, BTW.

Sheila E said...

I too love those chips! Yumm!!
PS I Love you Too!!!