Saturday, May 09, 2009

Another week in California

This week was a week of finishing up. I leave California next week only to return a week after that. I'll be coming down for my nephew's graduation from University and spending what I hope will be the last week in California until September. I am so longing for quiet days at home, and look forward to a restful summer of making yarn.

My MIL along with Cinti, remember two summers ago my MIL had a stroke? Look at her now. Mike will be working on Mothers Day so we celebrated early....

Mike and his brother John talking "shop" as they both work on the waterfront.

My dinner, of which I could only eat less than half. Steven in a night raid ate not only my leftovers but his Dad's a bone of contention lately. My fault totally as I said he could have the leftovers.

While shopping for the ingredients for this weekend Mike came upon this display. I love Kettle Potato Chips, Becky works there!

My little cacti garden in bloom, just like everything else in the garden

Lemon Curd made for this weekend, fresh from the garden (mine) lemons and organic eggs and sugar and butter!

The Garzzanna are blooming that we planted a few weeks ago

Strawberries from Farmers Market

Same as before Garzzannia's

Scones for this weekend, this is a before picture, before Mike and Steven helped themselves....

Got to run another weekend of fun first at Knit Affair then Mother's Day at MIL, I'll be sleeping in that lovely bed tonight! Cheers

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Anonymous said...

Happy mothers day. That lemon curd looks delicious. I hope you don't have too much stress with your travels.