Sunday, May 03, 2009

Another Week of Yarn Fun

I'm recovering from another weekend of Yarn Fun and on this "Restful Sunday" taking time to reflect on my fortune of having been in the company of many wonderful and interesting people.
Today the garden couldn't be more fragrant, the joint eruption of both Jasmines into bloom, along with every rose bush in the back yard, has made a true oasis.

Yet this is making me very home sick for the long warm days of "Restful Sundays" on my front porch (in Oregon) rocking slowly in my chair with Emma stretched out on the steps, her long lean legs slowly browning in the sun, sharing thoughts and a cup of tea, as we watch the day unfold across the valley. My admiration for her wisdom, in someone so much younger than I, endearing her forever in my heart. I love you Emma .

Back to yarn however, these are the skeins along with a salt shaker to give you some scale of how big these balls are

On Thursday I paid a visit to Alexandra whom has been homebound. Alexandra isn't one for restful anydays and forced rest at home was a challenge for her! These are the socks she made out of Super-wash Merino in Northwest Winter.

A close up of the Chevron pattern

We BBQ'd lamb chops (Jan's lamb of course) and talked about coping with stress. I think we both came away with some great plans and trying to "listen" to our bodies more and control over our tendencies to burn ourselves out.

Friday I made my way very slowly to Knit Affair. Anyone that has ever driven the 91 "freeway" (parking lot) on a Friday understands how a 30 mile drive could take 3 hours (I know, only three hours you are thinking!).....
However it was all worth it when I was welcomed with open arms by Torey, Lorna and Rob.
After a great time with avid knitters, being lucky enough to have Lorna sharing her wealth of knowledge (not only about owning a yarn business!) and lovely heart warming stories, I spent the night at my SIL's house. She had a cup of Jasmine tea ready and then this GORGEOUS bed. Although I was still buzzing with the excitement of the day

However as soon as I hit this bed the book I thought I would read was history and the dreams took over

The next morning Roxanne shared this little Hummingbird nest in her back yard with me, two little eggs are inside. Did you know Hummingbird nests are made mostly of spider webs!

Thinking about the cold pouring rain in Oregon, I couldn't help thinking that THIS is "THE" California picture, delightful isn't it

I spun while Lorna taught her class. It was so lovely to listen to everyone talking about knitting. Here is Lorna with her (wonderful, heart warming, even if your not a Knitter) book, the mittens she knit with my yarn and a skein of yarn, like the orginal except that this skein's angora is from Alexandra's bunny named Mr. Giggles

This tight knitting group hard at work while I got to listen, talk and spin the day away....

Torey just catching me taking her picture

Don't they look serious, it was a day from heaven for me. I spun and spun and spun. I love being around knitters

I woke early this mornng crying, I had a waking dream of visiting with Mom (she thanked Mike for "the best ever cup of tea") and my old dog Tara. It was so real that I went looking for her only to find that she was gone. Mike put me back to bed with the strong suggestion of putting into action some of my anti-stress plans, so here I sit listening to my "Airy Fairy" music, sipping tea and letting the day drift by.... tomorrow the wheel will be busy, but today I am content to watch the hummingbirds dance in my backyard. Remembering that it is good for the soul to be at rest, I hope you can find an hour (really you need more than an hour but I can hear you wondering where you are going to get this "hour" from) this week to enjoy some down time, take time to smell the roses (even if that is grocery store roses!) life is too short not to, really too short.


Autumn said...

Hope your doing well.. I have been sitting on my couch all day staring out into my yard and talking to family, while drinking tea all day, in the pause before finals.Be healthy . All my love.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What an interesting post! Our dreams are often our attempt to process deep emotions and you might be feeling a loss of familiarity being away from home at present. Enjoy your tea ~ you will be home soon :)