Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The week in review

This week has been full of work (fun). I've been spinning, during the GLASG Guild meeting and at Knitters Studio. I've done some plying as well. Our new yarn "Ice" has been a success and will be widely available soon, in fact if your coming to the Trunk Show at Knit Affair in Corona CA. you'll be able to see (buy) a skein of this.

Here is the Pink Jasmine in full bloom behind it the Star Jasmine is beginning as well, this means that it really, really smells heavenly in the back yard

Along with the Jasmines blooming is the lemon tree, there are a lot of fruit hanging and I'm sending some to Becky so that she can make us more Lemon Curd. I took the bottle that she gave me for Easter to Loop and Leaf to have along with those wonderful Strawberries. It was ummm good and both Steven and I are looking forward to more Lemon Curd!

Is this your yarn? If you are waiting for some of the special yarn that is on the cover of Faith Love Hope and Knitting, the grey skein is yours, actually there are two skeins there, one is going along with me for the book signing (Lorna Miser will be signing her books at Knit Affair on May 1st and doing a class on May 2nd, I'll be attending both, and leaving the yarn until May 9th when it will be a Tanglewood Fiber Creations Trunk Show) on Saturday.
If you are the test knitter then the beaded Camel/Silk is coming to you on Friday, or when it is dry (which is what these skeins are doing outside in the Aprium Tree.) If you are waiting for "Ice" in Cashmere and Cashmere/Silk (The Cashmere/Silk is going to Loop and Leaf ) these skeins are yours......Here are several long days of work, beaded yarn takes a lot of time

Cheri and her friends are fondling some of our yarn while they are at Knitter's Studio in West Los Angeles

My good friend Erica fondling the new yarn "Ice", everyone loved this skein, really loved it, Erica couldn't put it down!

Cheri on the left, her friend Jane in the middle and Melissa on the right. Melissa lives 4 blocks away from Knitters Studio, Jane lives in Wisconsin and Cheri lives in Idaho! They happened to be down (vacationing together) in California and drove hours to come and see me!!! Thanks Cheri and Jane, and Melissa

Here is the Trunk Show at Knitter's Studio, now missing some yarn, I got a lot of spinning done at first, but then "they" came and even though the shop was suppose to close at 4:00 we weren't done with the fun until 6:00.

My Wild Woman Socks! I'm writing this pattern for sale at the Sock Summit. This is only two yarns, two little skeins of Newport Rocks and two little skeins of Northwest Autumn, both are Super-Wash yarn, look how much was left. I still have to finish the toes but plying and beading has taken over......

While I have been plying Ozzy and Cleo are my consent companions, you can see how worried they are about the flying beads...

Today Mike is off work due to a slow down in the harbor. We went to the Apple store for my computer lesson and now we are home and I'm practicing all the skills I learned. They are very nice at the Apple store, and I'm really happy I'm doing this, another way to reduce my stress level, "stress kills" is Mike's favorite mantra just now. I'm really trying to stay stress free and to make yarn.
As Mother's Day approaches I'm of course missing Mom, but good news! We have paid for her Memorial Bench and it is ordered and will be placed here

This over looks the Rose Garden and has shade for most of the day, Mom would have loved this. When it is in place we will have a bench warming party at the South Coast Botanical Gardens, look for information about this event.


Erika said...

hehehe! thats me! I wanted to buy more yarn:( I can;t wait for the wollmeise and even better. THE ICE YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill send you the pics and I wish there was a way i could send you the mini sock i made you..

Autumn said...

Aww I love the Socks!!! And Lemon Curd ( hint hint)... I hope to see you and your interns at BSG.... Hoping I can go to sock Summit. Since I can't feed my self right now that might be a problem...