Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That's Andersen, SEN

After a nice day we head for the beach and to eat. Steve is looking for the seafood restaurant that had been recommended.... and found the Pacific Ocean instead

This is my kind of bird. He was waiting on the fishing boat for any handouts that might come his way

These nets are unloading Sea Urchins destine for the Japanese market

I forget why I took this picture but isn't this a sweet little boat.... I love boats

After not quite a peaceful sleep Steven and I headed to Solvang CA. It's all about the Danish here in this village. Mike's family is from Denmark that's why our last name is ANDERSEN, which is almost impossible to convey to anyone that needs this information. In fact Steven's new drivers licence is Stephen Anderson, which is completely wrong.... We are heading for breakfast! Not only is his family from Denmark but they settled in the Solvang Area and lived here for many years until the family moved into Santa Barbara. This was Steven's first visit to his "roots"

Wow this is the biggest Blue Agave plant I have ever seen, they make Tequila out of type of plant. The temps rose and Steven kept handing me water bottles and I kept finishing them. I thought since I had my thick Oregon blood, I was just being over sensitive to the weather but when we got into the car we found that it was 92, now that's hot

That's right Andersen, SEN!


Anonymous said...

dont lest Mataniu see all those sea urchins!!!!

Autumn said...

I love going there. I bought a wheel there. The beach is awesome.