Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom would have loved him

If Mom had ever met this lovely fellow she would have flipped. I tried to show her pictures but, well you know how it goes, one foot here one foot there....

I love this child! Mark, the rockn'est toddler ever born. He is so special to me and I feel so blessed to have him and his whole family in my life. These are the moments that will always stay with me and keep me from being too sad.

Cleo passed her Vet check for flying, she is a whopping 12 pounds and didn't even flinch when she had her rabies vaccination. The vet said only 10% of the cats he's seen are this mellow. Cleo returned to her carrier smartly after the ordeal was over, happy to return to the car. She is sleeping on the dash of the car waiting for me to return home while I'm writing this.

I've just signed the contract, so (da, da ta da) Tanglewood Fiber Creations will be available at the Sock Summit here in Portland in August. I'm writing several sock patterns using our new sock weight SW Merino, Silk/Cashmere and Cashmere yarns. I will have small skeins of high yardage! Sheila Ernst (with her breathtaking needles and buttons) will also be there along with Shelli from Knitterly. We will have a together booth ready to meet your every sock need, and WAY more!!! Some surprises to be announced!! Check out the Sock Summit web-site to check out this amazing event! Off to ply more yarn!!!!


Sheila E said...

Definitely can see why you feel so much love for that little guy! He's absolutely adorable!
I take it that you are safely in LA LA land....Happy Anniversary My Sweet! Please tell Mike so too!
Happy Days!

cheryl said...

Yipppiiii Sock Summit. I will be there too sharing a booth with Damselfly Yarns.