Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I here and I'm fine

Finally on high speed and recovering from yet another tooth saga, I'm in Los Angeles. I've been to Loop and Leaf in Santa Barbara and had a fantasic time there. Steven came with me and took lots of pictures. The weather was (WAS) idealic however a heat wave has changed all that and the temp's soared to over 100 yesterday and was right at 100 today. My brain is now fried. I've got lots of pictures and stories, but it has been all work and no blog. So keep tuned and I'll post tomorrow! Just wanted to let you know that I'm here and fine.

Loop and Leaf was handed a large order on Saturday. Knitting Central reports that they have recieved a modest order. Yarns Unlimited got most of what they have ordered, and Knit Stop will be getting yarn very soon, Knitters Studio will get yarn this week along with the Trunk Show (ahead of Sunday's offical Trunk Show), so that people that couldn't come on Sunday would be able to have a chance at special yarn.

May 1 I'll be at Knit Affair in Corona CA. along with Lorna Miser, whom will be signing books, all I will be doing is spinning and watching Lorna.

May 9th we will be having a Tea Party at Knit Affair, so if you want to have some Tiara Tea Party fun, call Knit Affair.

Again I have lots of pictures. Cleo doesn't enjoy taking off in the airplane, voicing her opinion rather loudly but not as loud as the three toddlers behind us.

Happy Birthday Robert Ryan!!

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