Monday, April 13, 2009

I love Oregon

While Diane and I were working in the production room last week, I was talking and listening but I was watching the pheasant walking around in the back pasture. All the Cock Pheasants are resplendent as courting season is in full swing. When low and behold the Elk herd wandered in to my view, all worked stopped. Diane and I were entranced and watched for a long time, here are two pictures that I was able to catch. As soon as the first one was snapped a car drove up and the herd was off, in a blink of an eye all 35 Elk had disappeared.....

Hoards of geese are milling around in large fields and long V's are beginning to make their way up north. Our trees are finally starting to get leaves and the bulbs are really going crazy. The grass needs to be cut, for the first time since the fall, much delayed due to our weather

Cleo has been "helping" in the production room and is ejected firmly when her helping gets to enthusiastic, like shortly after this picture was snapped...

We made about 40 skeins last week. My fingers were bleeding from the amount of silk that had run across them, none of which got on the yarn. We are shipping lots of yarn out at the end of this week, a huge order is going to Yarns Unlimited along with one to Knitting Central. I'm hand carrying some for Loop and Leaf and Knitter's Studio and will deliver it at their Trunk Shows.

I took some Daff's from the garden for Becky's table this weekend. They are so wonderful and even though the heater was on all weekend it felt warm because of them.

Another cheerful item is the Stars we installed in Becky's back porch. She has picked the color (not the one behind the stars) and will be working on this DIY project soon. She has done so much to her new house, transforming it from a dirty wreak to a small cozy palace.

Remember Erica? Here is a picture of some of her Fashion Show, her final school project. Look at the model on the left, the crocheted shrug is made out of Cashmere/Silk in Erica's Sunstone! Good Luck Erica

Just as I'm into a routine here in Saint Helens, I'm flying back to LA on Thursday along with Ms. Cleo.
She is a great car rider often in the car before I'm ready, but the plane.... I'm not sure how this is going to work.
I'm going to be at Loop and Leaf on April 18th and then the big Tea Party at Knitters Studio on April 26th. I hope you can join me there.

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Al said...

I am looking forward to seeing you (and all your beautiful yarn) at the tea party!