Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Loop and Leaf

Steven had the camera at Loop and Leaf!
I got it back and took some pictures, but the day was so wonderful we both just sort of forgot to take many, forgetting that you might like to see the fun. The weather in Santa Barbara was, again, perfect. Loop and Leaf is a delightful store with Celeste at the helm and Liz and Michael (Celeste's parents) helping out and hostessing Steven and I, making the day beyond perfect. Lots of new friends came to see us (and buy yarn) several projects were completed and shared, just an all around wonderful day, yet in a quiet, calm way.

Michael and Celeste talking about "good yarn" notice the Neck Candy around Celeste's shoulders, Yak/Merino in Marble

One of the "fellows" that enjoys a good yarn shop from the floor up.....along with his Mom that is going to make a vest for her Mom

If you've been to a Trunk Show you have seen this before, Me! talking about the spinning wheel and yarn....

Michael, choosing wisely,(" umm Cashmere I love Cashmere!")

Michael (Celeste's Father) untangling, carefully, a skein of beaded Hot Sugar... very carefully

The happy scene outside! I spun outside for a while (yes in the shade) and Liz brought be tea, and water and served me an excellent lunch.......

Steven and Celeste taking care of the paper work.

Even though Steven's calming influence and the relaxed attitude of the day, and the peacefully spinning kept me calm and fairly quiet I was tired. I had to have emergency surgery on the Wed. before I flew down, the dry socket was totally infected and had to be "reworked".
I'm on antibiotic's and I was told to take it easy. The Family was not thrilled that I still wanted to go to Santa Barbara, but after long negotiations Steven was assigned to be my "Trish Minder", and he did a great job. I was really tired after all the fun so Steven and I had a nice meal then got a "modest" motel room in Solvang so that he could see his roots.....

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Autumn said...

Wow those shops look awesome. Your lucky to have a "Trish Minder".