Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Arriving in LA

After a chilly week in St. Helens I arrived in perfect weather in Southern California, it was one of those rare days in Spring that makes living here worth it. On Friday April 17th Mike and I celebrated our 28th Wedding Anniversary and went out to breakfast, a man came by selling these unbelievable fresh picked Strawberries... they were every bit as good as they look

After breakfast we went to our favorite nursery and bought three new rose bushes then went home to plant them. These are pictures of the back yard....

My Cacti garden

The best rose ever, it just blooms and blooms and blooms

This is one of the roses we planted last year, it has finally decided to grow and bloom! Well worth the wait don't you think?

The Jasmine arbor, which is almost three weeks late in blooming SC has had a delayed spring as well

The Aprium Tree

See the fruit? A lot less than last year but much easier to get to!

Finally Cleo and Ozzy reunited!

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