Tuesday, April 07, 2009

keeping it together

I'm doing much better this week. I begun to notice what's going in the office, and think about yarn almost full time. Friday, David came to work (muck out) on some of the more tangly parts of Tanglewood Fiber Creation's headquarters.

This is a problem area that just hasn't been sorted since we bought this house back in 1993....

This tree had "troubles" it had lost several limbs in the many snow storms this winter and had lost it's vim it also had some tree disease, it had to go.....David was that upset about taking it out, I have promised to plant a new native tree in it's place.

The winter of 2004 took out the Dogwood tree that these Daff's ringed. I have dug them out every year since, planting them in better places than in the middle of the lawn, guess what, I'm going to be digging some more!

Ms. Audrey gave me a tub of these years ago and it has taken years to plant them all, these were planted last year, and so was the Hyacinth

Narcissi, trying to come out, Friday it was just above freezing spitting snow

I left the house after having gone to PT training at 6:00am then put a half a day in at the office. I drove to meet Jan for lunch in the afternoon, went to the bead shop (beads I love to buy beads) and then to the Cat House to view cats, we both think that Becky needs to adopt a cat. Jan has an Element as well, so we were a caravan of Elements, here is her licence plate. We had so much fun, so good to be with dear friends.

We decided that Becky and Neil should go to the GardenPalooza on Saturday. After having risen at 5:00 am and participated in an exciting day out I was so tired that by the time I got to Becky's house I crashed (into bed not on the road). Saturday we had a glorious dawn that was cold, 28, but as the day progressed the temps got to be quite pleasant. We went out to lunch and then Becky and I went home to her house and began to ply.
We plied until we couldn't stay awake. Sunday dawned bright and warm. Even though we were determined to work, the magic of the first truly warm sunny day since forever, crept in and we went driven outside to visit with Becky's chickens, we did some house cleaning and planning of DIY projects then back to the wheels and more plying. This is a partial show of what Becky plied

Here are most of the skeins I was able to do, notice it's beaded yarn!

Monday dawned breathtakingly. I made my way back home to find David's work completed, this is what was under all the berry brambles on the first picture, the old pump house, that has a hand dug well and no pump, so we left this to "protect" the hole

Look no diseased tree, you can now see the new trees that have been growing, and now will have the space to really grow.

These bushes were completely covered in berries, no longer!

So inspired I began to do some gardening, the first since September. It was about 80 degrees, heaven, puttering in the garden, while all 35 skeins dried. I got a lot of "clearing of old dead stuff" done to make way for all the lily bulbs I bought, but by the time I was done but before anything got planted, the sun began to go down however before it did look at what bloomed!

Have you seen this book? I created this yarn, I spun this yarn, I made this YARN! You have to see what's inside this book. If you need this yarn please e-mail me to special order it

Erica's Sunstone in Super-wash Merino

Today was another early day, PT training at 6:00 am- again. Afterward I went home and spun a couple of bobbins and then went out with Emma and Mark. We had a lovely warm day spring in SW Portland, every tree in blossom, every bulb 'a bloom. I'm back at Safeway tonight but tomorrow (it's suppose to rain again) it's more beaded yarn.

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Sheila E said...

What a lovely blog post! You sound just like your old self again!
I too was in Heaven with the sun out and Spring springing!
Beautiful yarn....needless to say!!
I want your Dave to come and help on our place....he is magic!!
Hugs and Kisses!