Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Week of Yarn Fun and Excitment, in a good way

Lots to catch up on. We have met our 100 skeins a week production goal for the last three weeks. This is a huge achievement and I'm really proud of our crew.
Mom isn't doing well at all which is ever present in my mind and colors everything I do. I'm trying to stay focused and not worry, she wouldn't like me to worry.
Now to the pictures

This is 200 skeins that we took to Knit/Purl in Portland OR. for our Trunk Show at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat

Diane doing inventory

Yarn that came to Madrona

It started snowing on Tuesday which was very pleasant for me, as I didn't/couldn't go anywhere because my car is in Los Angeles, This is the view from the front porch

Some animal tracks to the back door

The apple tree

Ms Audrey at the Train Station waiting for the train to take us to Madrona Fiber Arts

I'm rooming with Sarah Anderson and Audrey, but they didn't want to leave the room messy for housekeeping, so they made the bed while I took my shower

Counting Teachers, Venders and Students there are about 700 people here at the Retreat, so services here are a little crowded this is a view of how many people were crammed in the elevator.... going down

So many people wanted Ms. Audrey's wheel, here is it's new owner Sheila J.

The wall of Tanglewood Fiber Creations! When I came through the lobby several people saw my two huge suitcases filled with the "back stock" of yarn. Someone suggested that I needed an armed guard... umm

Sarah is the Help Desk Spinner, she is talking about spindling

A new spinner with her new stash. My friend Jane won a door prize but gave the gift cert. to this lucky and happy spinner... Jane claims her stash is large enough, wow how much is too much?

New friends and old every knitter is a friend, one lady encouraged me to participate in some "interactive art", so we both made these hangers swing!

Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl McFee) on the left and Cat Bordhi on the right giving a talk about the history of sock knitting. It was avent guarde...not a dry pair of pants in the place

Lucy Neatby, another outstanding knitter and I love her sense of style!

So somehow I ended up at the bar, and look what I had. Sarah had one first, I had a pear martini but then the call of coconut and "Chris" the bartender and I had to have this....sorry Glen I miss you

Now Audrey and Sarah are sound asleep and the hour is a little late. We missed our friends Bonnie and Sheila E. I miss my Mom. Becky is moving this weekend, without my help but I promised to help her un-pack on Monday. I'm renting a car until Thursday afternoon when I leave Portland for "Late Night with Trish" at Knit Stop in Indianapolis IN. I'm spinning some really special yarn for this event (yes I'm working while I'm here at Madrona) so if you're going to be there look forward to something special!

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Bonnie Rose said...

I missed you too. I'll be thinking about you and your Mum.