Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Beat Goes On

It's been a pleasant day, surrounded by supportive interesting people is the best medicine for a bad case of the blues. I'm so fortunate to have such a huge bunch of friends.
Many people didn't believe me when I have told the story of the Breakfast in Bed at Madrona, well here it is; the Eat in Bed button on the phone!

These are Alexandra's Traveling Lazy Kates that are now living with Sarah being packed up

Sheila E is "wearing" the socks I gave her. These are the Cashmere/Silk socks in Northwest Winter

Here is Allison's first hand-spun! Look it's real yarn. She is a natural!

ELSEBETH LAVOLD was the Key note speaker at the Banquet. It was super interesting, all about capturing Viking designs in knitted projects, mostly with cables. My seat mate had the same camera as I did! She was also making the nicest/naughtiest blanket

I've decided to knit a hat, without a pattern,, again, and I asked someone how to decide when to start the head part of the hat, this form of measurement was suggested, when I got with my "homies" (the ladies and gentleman from Knit/Purl) they all fell around laughing and this was the scene at the bar...

So after a lovely day it's back in the bar with my newest friend "Chris"......whom gave me a Valentine this evening

Allison is "helping" (actually she took it away to fix the holes and sew it up) since I helped her learn to spin today

I feel peaceful tonight (ok this morning as this blog took overnight to do), it's hard to want to be in two places at once, Mother is in a real decline, Mike's work cut hours big time, which is so common place these days (what are we all going to do with all the free time and no money?? Stash reduction???) but it is so scary.

It has been such a pleasant retreat and I've gotten a lot of work done, mostly spinning. I'm making some really, really fun yarn for Knit Stop that I'm getting excited about.

It's packing today and leaving (hate the leaving, love the arriving).

Becky's move went well and I'm making my way to her house this evening after traveling to Portland on the train. We are hoping it's not the hour late it was coming here, as our train is due to arrive in Portland at 9:00 pm then a quick trip to the airport where I pick up my car then a drive down to Silverton OR to help unpack (crash). Tuesday I'll be back in St. Helens until Thursday when I fly to Knit Stop! Then back to Portland to unload and repack for my trip to Los Angeles in Thursday. Wow. I will miss my cozy hotel room and my time with Audrey, but look forward to having a great time in Indianapolis ! Off to work.


Sheila E said...

What a wonderful thing to get to spend time with you at Madrona!
My socks are totally Awesome....My hat is too Wonderful as well!
The Hugs were the Best of ALL!!
You are, My Sweet Friend....a Joy!
Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!
I had an excellent time at Madrona. Meeting Miss Audrey was great!
Have fun in your travels and keep us all informed....I need the distraction!
I love you!!

Pamelamama said...

I posted the matching photo of you Trish!

Hooray for Madrona!