Monday, February 09, 2009

Big week

I have arrived at TFC Headquarters and have been making yarn. As you might know there is no Internet at TFC headquarters but there is a new fax machine. There are time cards and business forms, there are inventory sheets and filed receipts. There is a month's worth of mail halfway gone through and I've run the dishwasher several times.

We also have a pump leak along with the water heater and although there is some water excitement it isn't enough to be totally worried.

Today we are doing a presentation at a local (Portland) yarn shop in hopes that they will take yarn to Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat, as there are 201 skeins to pick from, it should be an interesting day.

I'm without a car and so Diane has been kind enough to take me to Safeway to blog and find out about trains for Thursday's trip Tacoma for Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat. While I love the freedom of having a car, it is also nice not to be able to go anywhere, at least not by me driving. I am traveling quite a bit this month with my trip to Knit Stop and back down to LA on Feb. 25th

I'm going to try knitting a hat. I don't have a pattern, I'm going to a yarn shop and think I could probably get one. I would like to knit one hat one time so I think I'll try and find an easy pattern.

There is a Tom cat hanging around the back door that looks enough like Moses that I thought it was him the other night (tears of joy then the low of knowing it isn't him). He isn't as handsome and the hair isn't as long but the markings are a dead ringer. He has had some recent battles, judging from the shape his ear's are in.

Mom continues to live, but is on full time IV's at the moment. I'm trying to get as much done as possible so that in case I need to leave quickly I can leave TFC in good shape.

Feb.20-22 I'll be at Knit Stop in Indianapolis IN for a " Late Night with Trish" on Saturday. I'll be spinning and we all will be knitting and talking about yarn.

I've been doing some test yarns and new idea's. It's the good part of my job, and spinning was the reason I started TFC. I love spinning and spent the morning yesterday spinning and plying some fun beaded yarn that Natasha at Wild Fiber requested. Nancy (Knit Stop) and several ladies on Saturday were also designing yarn so I've several projects this week to have ready by next week... ummm more spinning.

If you are going to Madrona look for me and/or Tanglewood Fiber Creation yarn


monkeyspinner said...

WOW. Sounds full. I wish I were going to Madrona... Take good care of yourself that sounds like a lot of travel.

Sheila E said...

You are the Salt of the Earth, Dear Lady! You will never know how much I needed the package that arrived at my PO today. Thank you so very much for all the wonderfulness of the package...and of YOU!!
I would send you a lovely card...but it's so hard to keep up with your mailing address these days!
Can't wait to get my hands on you to give you a great big hug....or 200!!
Tears of Joy well in my eyes!
I love you ;)<

juliblue said...

Hello, is Ms. Audrey still selling the Frame wheel?? I could get it from you when you are in LA... let me know!
Sincerely, Juli