Monday, February 02, 2009

The not completely awful day but close

Friday I spent blissfully unaware of the drama happening. I plied and plied and plied, happily making "Hot Sugar" with only the smallest amount of beads hitting the floor. I also made a skein of beaded Multnomah Falls (which by the way was the second most popular color we sold at TNNA!)

I had just about run though all my DVR Brit Comedies and was heading to bed when the phone rang, my SIL Val called to say that she was just leaving the hospital, and we still didn't know when Mom was having surgery.....WHAT? Dad forgot/didn't want to bother/didn't have the presence of mind to call... he thought I was all ready in Oregon. UGGG

This call came at 10:30 pm. just late enough for it to be too late to go to the hospital and to make sleep impossible. Saturday had to be soon enough.

Distraught and sleep deprived the world tilted a little for me, not in a good way. I spent the day crying trying to get it together to get to my Mom. Between the stress (all good but damn hard work) of TNNA, the holidays, being sick (remember I was pretty sick before the holidays?) and trying to run a business from 1000 miles away and having a terminal ill Mom and a really close friend fight a good fight against Cancer, was all too too much and it came to a head. Steven (the White Knight) decided it was too dangerous to let me out on the streets of LA and drove me to the hospital.

Mom was improved and they had decided not to do surgery and was feeling and looking so much better. Steven then brought me home. While pulling into the drive-way I noticed that one of my 50th Birthday Diamond Earrings was missing OH NO and the crying started again. Knowing that it was hopelessly lost never to be seen again I fled to the bathroom in hopes that it hadn't gone down the drain. I found the back and searched and searched for the "good part". I started combing the house no luck, back to the bathroom and low and behold there it was.... found and back where it belongs, unbelievable really unbelievable.

Mike had decided that Sunday was a mental health day for me. Turning off my phone and computer (of which I've been physically attached to since some time after Thanksgiving) was wonderful (OK I love you all but I really needed it) even if it was for a short time.

Sunday Mike awoke early (he always does) and did domestic jobs while I tried to sleep in. When you sleep with cats especially young energetic ones, sleeping isn't always easy. Ozzie is in "let's claw and eat anything that moves" stage. My arms and legs and feet all bear witness with long nasty scratches and deep punctures (puncture wounds are the worst as they affect the plying), most of these injuries are suffered while asleep, ah yes but not for long.....

Mike knows when I'm that low it's only the forest that can charge me up so off to Descanso Gardens we went.

Cleo is sleeping because Ozzie is playing under the bed

Descanso Gardens was donated to Los Angeles County (in 1953) by Mr. Boddy. He was really into Camelia's and if you have a Camelia, it's probably one he propagated and/or brought to the US. Just now in Los Angeles it's Camelia season (don't know if Mike knew that or it was just good luck on our part) and the annual Camelia show was happening... so for my very good friend that is desperate for some sun and flowers this is for you.....

This was a dark almost chocolate mini

Pink I love Pink

This reminded me of Erica and all the test runs of red we did the past summer

As we strolled about slowly we came upon Daffodils. Nothing says spring like these lovelies. Mike started talking about going to Lonesome Cove, dare I dream of that heavenly place?

Look at the size of these Artichokes, you know how much I love those!

Climbing roses, late/early for the season and ones that hadn't been pruned as most had and rightly so!

As the day heated (it got to 83) we sat under a 400 year old (not making it up that's what the sign said) Coastal Oak tree and enjoyed our "friends" dance quietly in the gentle warm breeze

We took the tram guided tour and while gently driven around the gardens I knit on the socks,

We then strolled around the gardens and came to the Japanese Gardens, of which I have a passon for (you might have noticed this if you've been following the blog)

They will start serving tea here starting the end of March

Like Wall-E my batteries are almost at full power at this point

I love this and took it so that we can reproduce it in our front yard

The full picture in front of the Boddy House, instead of the fountain what do you think of a Blue Agave?

This is the floor of the "Morning Room" off the kitchen, Becky this is for you!

Yes please I'll have one of these.....

And this

And some of this

Can you see yourself invited to dinner while watching the sun set in the hills?

Picture this!

Revved up enough to finish plying, check in on Mom and pack for my trip (which is all on the schedule today) . My tears are far away for now. Next stop Knitterly, The Redwoods, and Newport Spin-In.......


monkeyspinner said...

OMG. I hope your mom is ok. Let me know if you need something. I still can't get on the NWRSA. I wish I could go to the Newport spin in but it is a bit far, Plus I am going to look at a house.... Maybe my new home :) Take care please let me know if you need something. BE safe

Sheila E said...

Thanks for this lovely, calming blog entry Sweet did me good to see the beauty.
I'm keeping the best of thoughts that your Mom is in good hands and all is well.
I love you and I'm glad that Mike and Steven are taking such good care of your body and your spirit.
Hugs to you and Shelly too!