Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting caught up

Now the hard work begins.....
These are two pictures of two pairs of socks. The toes are Alexandra's (in Super Wash Merino), the long almost finished socks are mine in Cashmere/Silk both in the same color-way Northwest Winter,

Alexandra and I went to hear Dr. Elizabeth Barber speak, but before that we went to dinner. This is Alexandra's Endive Salad

And this is my Butternut Squash soup with Creme Fresh it was heavenly

Dr. Barber signing books for me (If you haven't read Dr. Barber's book Woman's Work the first 20,000 years and you are at all interested in knowing how and why women have been making textiles you should read this book)

Dr. Barber confused, but a good sport about holding the sock for me to take a picture. I'm going to attempt to send this picture to Yarn Harlot, my sock, I made this sock!

This is a beautiful coat is from Eastern Europe and worn by a lady that has a vintage clothing shop, but I don't know where the shop might be as her friends were tugging her away, just as Alexandra was trying to focus me!

Yesterday was my "Princess Day" I went to the beauty Parlor with Mom whom said "if I was a Princess then she is the Queen" so I got her to wave like THE Queen, doesn't she look great!

After the whole hair thing Mom was pretty tired and I had to go get some things, like cat food. I kidnapped Steven and we went out to lunch and then went shopping, and shopping and shopping. He had many, many and by the way he had a lot of gift cards to spend.
Now Steven has lots of new things like sheets (Bamboo!!) and Comforter, and shirts for going to school styling wise.... and looked at Leather jackets, during this shop-a-thon I began to feel faint with lack of tea (not to mention the stress of spending so much money, I didn't have any gift cards and only a few coupons), so Steven took me to a REAL tea shop, no fancy sandwiches, just tea and a plate of cookies, and chocolate. It was really good tea, then back out again to face more shopping. The leather jackets were a bust, as down here in LA it's spring. Even though it was (Ok for LA not Oregon or Indianapolis) cold out.

When I got home my husband had a present for me a little rose bush.... there is a story, but bottom line I have a new mini rose!
Diane says I have to work now so off to make some beaded yarn!


monkeyspinner said...

Oh that soup looks great. Your lucky you got that book signed I love it. Your socks sound wonderful. Your mom looks great too. Ask Steven how he likes the bamboo sheets I was thinking of getting some. Where is the tea shop with the cookies and chocolate? You can never have too many rose bushes. How is your kitty?

Liz said...

That jacket looks amazing!!! Is it crocheted? looks like it. I wish I was down in SoCal so we could spin and have tea, it has been far to long!