Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here today gone on Tuesday

I had a fab time at my class with Sally Melville, and gave her a skein of yarn that she says she will make gauntlets out of. I had no idea that there would be so much math involved with sweater knitting, and while I enjoyed the heck out of the class the likely hood of me making a sweater now goes pretty much to 0. Lots of great information though and boy does she know things.

Tonight Alexandra and I went to Dr. Barber's(author of the book "Women's Work the first 20,000 years) lecture about Textiles in the really old days, again so much good information, too bad the LA traffic made us late. I dropped off more yarn at Knitters Studio, so if you want good yarn.....

I got to visit with Mom, whom wants me to move in with her, and while I would love to sit and knit all day with Mom, there are a lot of new Yarn shops waiting for yarn.... so torn. Tomorrow we go to the beauty parlor together!

I've realized that I have to start packing again to go North. I'm driving (which means an enormous amount of stuff will be hauled and needed to be packed) so I'll be hitting Knitterly and staying for a "George Day" then going and having some quality time with Pat (Don's Mom) and probably going the Coast road to avoid any unpleasant driving conditions. They've had snow again in St. Helens and yesterday the streets were white again. Becky is very ill and so stayed home and made yarn instead of potato chips, (umm yarn/potato chips, yarn/potato chips hard choice isn't it)

Friday is Mark's first Birthday, can you believe it?? No I can't either.... just think a year ago we were waiting for Henley Hornbrook to turn from Henley to Mark. I just can't believe he's a year old and that I haven't snuggled him since Thanksgiving.... Oh my heart, I miss him so

I plan on attending Newport Spin-In on Feb. 7th and Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat Feb. 12-15th.

Talking about dates I've learned how to work I-Calender. Not one weekend is safe, So here are a few of the events that are going on with Tanglewood Fiber Creations.

Feb. 20th will be a Trunk show at Knit Stop and 21st will be a wild event called Late Night with Tanglewood Fiber Creations, GREAT knitting fun to be had that day. Sunday will continue the Trunk Show....

March is sort of empty but Mike is coming to "do" things like fix the water heater, cut up downed trees, make another drying rack etc. Diane will have the office completely organized and I'll be making a lot of beaded yarn. I'm attending Camp Burton on Vashon Island March 12-15th for a retreat.

April 26th is a Tanglewood Fiber Creations Tea Party at Knitters Studio/ Knitting Culture in West Los Angeles talk to Liz about the details

May 9th is a Princess Party at Knit Affair in Corona Ca.

May 14th-17th is Workshop in the Woods were I am teaching a 3 day workshop on dyeing, spinning and knitting the yarn for desired effect. I'll explain the color wheel, we'll be trying different dyeing techniques and then the next day spinning that fiber in all different ways to explore how that changes the look of the fiber, then the next day we'll be using different stitches and knitting processes to change or explore how that changes the look of our newly dyed and spun yarns. If you want to be creative and learn how to get a predictable yarn for the type of garment you want to knit, this is the class for you......

June 19-21 s Black Sheep Gathering, start your projects now for the Spinners Lead! I'll be hosting the event again this year hopefully this year I'll have an intern to share the fun with!

July 11 is a Tanglewood Fiber Creations Pajama Party at Loops! in Tulsa OK talk to Shelly about the details.....

There are a few more dates in the air but for now that's where I'll be and when!


monkeyspinner said...

OOHH. Every time I try to go to NWRSA it says malware. That all sounds like a ton of fun. You should take vitamins and take good care of your health. I wish I could go to Madrona but I couldn't get a class.

Sheila E said...

DAMN you are going to be one busy and happy lady with all those *to dos*....sounds like a lot of fun to me.
All went well with the first treatments and after today...Michael and I have 2 days OFFFFFFF! How Happy are We....VERY ;)<
Kisses on Becky Rose's sweet head!
Much Love and thanks for checking in!
I Love You!!