Saturday, January 24, 2009


One of my very favorite things is to see what wondrous things people make with their special skeins of Tanglewood Fiber Creation yarn. Nancy from Knit Stop sent me this lovely picture of a shawl one of her patrons knit out of Merino/Silk beaded Newport Rocks

Another huge THANK YOU goes out to Francis, a patron at Knitting Central. Francis wove a spectacular shawl from Newport Rocks Beaded Cashmere/Silk AND knitted a throw out of natural colored textured Cashmere, Chocolate and Snow. Cynthia (owner of Knitting Central) wore the throw on the plane from CT. and the shawl was packed really carefully in her carry on luggage, so that they could be shown in our booth at TNNA. I haven't pictures of either of these wonderful creations, but I'm hoping that Cynthia does.....

Today was amazing! I went to GLASG guild meeting (and spun almost 2 oz.'s! I love spinning) and then delivered yarn to Knitters Studio and sat and knitted on my socks. I talked and knit with great people, Zoe (11, whom has a skein of TFC yarn!?) and her Mom! We are thinking a tea party about April 26th at Knitters Studio, talk to Liz about your thoughts

Tomorrow is a knitting class with Sally Melville and then off to be with Mom whom isn't feeling very well. Knit long and prosper

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monkeyspinner said...

That is awesome.It is always good to get out with other people and spin and knit. Hope your mom gets better.