Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching up or I still love you

There have been complaints about the lack of photographic documentation of the goings on of Tanglewood Fiber Creations...I've been snapping but the cosmos hasn't been favorable to publishing. I've also been getting calls from friends and family claiming that I don't love them anymore. I do, I've been a little distracted and trying to balance has never been my strong point. If I haven't called you, call me, if I haven't been to see you, set a date and I'll come. I still love you.......

The only yarn I was able to make during the holidays, it was all family business and taking care of personal things...

Here is "The Bag" Tanglewood Fiber Creations being loaded onto yet another airplane....... A knitters dream suitcase

After returning to the Pacific Northwest a quick trip to Jan's this is her Pocket Wheel which she painted purple, a color we share a passion for....

Alexandra has the greatest Lazy Kate, Jan is fine tuning the purple color to match the wheel

A Lantern Moon bag to hold the Pocket Wheel

I returned home to find some snow and lots of bushes and plants down here are the bushes outside the front window

18 skeins of Newport Rocks in Cashmere soaking in their wash bath next it's Lavender Bath

The production room in full swing

Becky and I plied 180 skeins in one week, here is one day's production drying waiting to be reskeined

Another goner, The Curly Willow is no more this frost/snow damage is too much to recover from, pieces of firewood waiting to be stacked

More damage

Ms. Audrey is selling this wonderful Rick Reeves Wheel contact me if your interested...

My new wheel, It's so cute and spins like a dream, I love it

Slight pause here as I'm taking out Mom for a Girls Day, I'm going to post incomplete and take it up when I have a free minute....

(Time passes quickly)

Ok back again. Mom and I went to a yarn shop where I gave Mom Carte Blanche and she bought all the sale yarn.....ummmm? it was in fun colors and she is knitting blankets. After a half an hour she was done. Hey that's all right but I have to go shopping and I get lunch. After having done all that it was kisses and I'm back into the car. Back to the grocery store for ingredients for "Date Night" with Mike. I rented lots of movies, Wall-E was the winner.
However we still are working out how to make the TV work, and sat through an entire showing without the "center channel" working. Only at the end I found the magic button to make everything work. We watched a little of the movie to get the feel of the real thing, but Mike declared Bed time after about 20 mins. (he does get up at 4:30 am) amd off to bed. Today I'm going to GLASG (Greater Los Angeles Spinners Guild) and then delivering yarn to Knitters Studio......Tomorrow I have a date with Sally Melville (whom I love) for a fun class then off to Mom's for lunch. Now back to pictures glad you waited!

Here is Tanglewood Fiber Creations waiting to be unloaded. At the Convention Centers you aren't allowed to unpack yourselves, Union persons do it for you (for a price) totally worth it too! Especially with a heavy oak couch and coffee table.

this is what we start with

Beth and Steven moving into TFC's booth 534

This is Tanglwood's new Office Manager Diane, I love Diane, she isn't only a great spinner, weaver, knitter but also has an organizational style that I can work with. She likes Excel and is thrilled about Quickbooks. We needed her. She is getting ready for her first TNNA and trying to get me to look at paper.......

Now at the Hotel Room we unpack further

As soon as we started to hang yarn they came, people who love yarn, they touched, fondled, tried to take, and then my good friend Leigh Radford came and I showed her what she inspired me to make~ beaded yarn, see there in her arms..... Leigh is creative and likes TFC yarn!

After a long day at the show it was time for fun. The crew and I went to the Gas Lamp district and I found the good shop!

In the parking lot at the Hotel we found an interesting challenge~parking, this was one of the problems

The view out our Hotel window

A closer view of our view of the Star of India.

Outside is hot and dry and inside was hot and dry, see the fringe of the shawl that Diane wove

Steven wearing my favorite hat in "Fireworks", he liked it and wants one. This nearly knocked my socks off and I'm looking forward to knitting him one

The last day we had to take the Anglelator to the front of the Convention Center.

The Sun sets on Our 2009 TNNA

Now you say What Happened to pictures of the BOOTH? I don't know, we never had time to go to the bathroom, never mind find the camera and take pictures. Sorry I really am

Tuesday was our Disneyland day, plan B was implemented and we went for a drive along the coast of Palos Verdes.

A blurry view of the Hills of Palos Verdes

Yarn, this is one of the three baskets of yarn we brought home with us. Somewhere there are six skeins for Knitters Studio..I have to find them this morning before I go to the GLASG meeting

This is the sunset Beth, Mike and I viewed and here is where I say good-bye for today. If you want good yarn See Knit Stop, Knitting Central, Knitters Studio and several more yet to named


monkeyspinner said...

Oh, I love all your picts. I hope your not overworking yourself :) Have a cup of tea.

Romi said...

It is all SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad I got to fondle your yarn in person. :)

juliblue said...

hi did the Rick Reeves Frame Wheel ever sell? I live in San Diego and noticed you said you were coming down our way next week... Is there a way I couldmeet you in LA with the wheel? How much is she asking for the Frame wheel? Sincerely, Juli Bredestege
619-208-5854 San Diego CA thanks!!!

Erin said...

Is the Reeves frame wheel sold? Let me know if it still needs a home! :) Erin 660 749 5373