Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After The Ball

There is only so much energy and Beth and I have exceeded the amount two people have.

We are home, well I am, just now in Lakewood CA. Beth has just called and she is getting on her plane now (which was delayed) and making her way home to Walla Walla WA. We didn't make it to Disneyland, we couldn't stay awake long enough yesterday.

Diane went home late Monday in a rush of papers, yarn and books. She has even been to TFC headquarters to get the new orders into production.

Steven is at school and has done some laundry and lots of homework as his new semester began last week.

The trailer we used went back yesterday, after Beth and I unload in 90 degree temps. The couch nearly killed us as we were so sore from walking and standing on concrete in the San Diego Convention Center.

We have several new friends, and our new yarn shops will be listed on our web-site as soon as I find all the paperwork. The box of books we received is massive, the most exciting is that our yarn is on the cover of Lorna Miser's new book soon to be available. Along with One Skein Wonder's Luxury Yarn, makes for lots of excitement.

We have lots of work to do, as soon as I find the paperwork and look and see the new accounts we have and what they have ordered.

Mike is out of "whites" and I have to change the sheets as we are expecting an unexpected house guest tonight. Cleo and Cyrus (Ozzie went outside in the back yard this morning while we were sipping our tea, and I'm not sure if he came back in) are sleeping next to me while I veg for a few more moments....... Then I have to tackle the unpacking, laundry and find the important paper work.........


monkeyspinner said...

Hi, Well it is nice that you all didn't kill yourself moving stuff. That is great about the books and orders! Tell Steven to stick with it. Hopefully this is my last semester. Bacteriology. So hopefully I will post soon. Take care stay warm :)

Sheila E said...

Glad to hear that you had another successful TNNA...wish I'd been there.
Please call me when you have a chance to chat. I would love to hear your sweet voice!
It sounds like everyone is exactly where they are suppose to be....BUT 90 degrees? Send some up here would you!!!!