Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Cold

Yuk, a bad cold has taken control of my body. My ears ache from the decent last night into Long Beach. I got home and crashed for a little while but the virus had other idea's so I was up and down last night finding tissues, cough drops and more aspirin. Steven had thoughtfully had pre-purchased most of these items as he has almost recovered from the same bug.

Time Traveling back to September this is my Irish niece Erin on her horse at an event-she took 4th over all (all adults that is)

Lonesome Cove Resort from the Victoria Ferry, a long ways away........

Thanksgiving morning (has it really been that long?) these are all the herbs from our garden that went into the bird and some other dishes


Jumping forward~ Pete with a scarf made (of Newport Rocks in Super wash Merino) by Elizabeth, owner of Knit Knot Studio's in Portland OR.

Here's Elizabeth with her scarf featured in the "One Skein Wonder's Luxury Yarn", she is holding the book after signing it!

I wasn't kidding about making yarn, here's the proof! One of the three shipments that went out last week

The "Stone" beaded Cashmere/Silk that went to Knitterly, I think Shelli is hoarding it....

Our old friend Newport Rocks beaded four skeins that went to Knitting Central

Cool Sugar beaded Cashmere/Silk went to Knit Stop

You can't see the beads on these Textured Chocolate Cashmere skeins but Cynthia at Knitting Central commissioned these for a special project. We are calling this yarn Rocky Road!

Wow pictures, Internet, tissues, Airborne, cuddling cat, tea by the buckets, what more can anyone ask. If only I felt better. Off to enjoy bed!

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