Friday, December 12, 2008

Trunk Show

"The Cold" is somewhat better. Lots of tissues, cough drops and rest has been the healing factor.

I've been working most of the day to get this trunk show labeled, inventoried, priced and repacked, all ready for tomorrow's trip to Wild Fiber in Santa Monica CA. There are 182 skeins, (that's a huge amount of knitting pleasure) plus a box of 7 skeins which is being mailed to Knit Stop tomorrow.

I took a quick break and enjoyed a moment in the garden trimming roses. I have a lot of buds coming, which seems a little strange since snow is expected at home (in Oregon) this weekend, and rain here in Los Angeles.

Sunday Mike will be off work and he and I will go visiting to my parents (whom have just moved into there own apartment) and his Mom. Next week will be beading heaven, lots and lots of yarn to be beaded.

Time traveling back again to a week ago to the Aurora Colony Hand-Spinners Guild Christmas Party

Here is the sweetest lady, Jean McKinnon doing kitchen duty.
We have a pot luck and a gift exchange for our Guild Christmas party, when things get a little rough, Jan brings out the electric cattle prod in case people take too long to decide if they want to unwrap a gift or STEAL!

A view of the room from our table

Some yarn that I plied last week, and now in yarn shops or in the Trunk Show

Here we are today and one of the two suit cases filled with yarn, see the chocolate cashmere?

This is the other side of the suit case

This is the other suit case filled with yarn, and my spinning wheel on the other side

This is the "overflow" in a basket

This is Lavender Moon in Merino/Angora/Cashmere and Cashmere/Silk going to Knit Stop....

A few announcements Thank You to Romi for a lovely shawl pin, not sure why I get such a lovely present, but I'm thankful. Congratulations to Nancy Hinsch whom was a runner up in the "Make It With Wool" contest. I want to send an "I miss you" to Beth and Cynthia Nordstrom (lucky duck is taking a two month tour of New Zealand and Australia). It's a full moon tonight, this time last month Beth and I were together at my house. Come see me at Wild Fiber tomorrow, I'll have plenty of cough drops and Airborne!

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