Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back into Reality

I've been without a car and without internet now for two weeks. We've been making yarn to beat the band. Courtney and Diane have been working along side of me and getting much needed training. I've had such a good time making yarn. I have missed being in the production room and having a good long time at home making yarn. It is surprising how little I needed a car. Although many people offered to drive me around the few times I needed help. Becky started her new "real" job on Monday. We've dyed 30 pound of fiber in the last two weeks, and made about 75 skeins a week. My bag is full of yarn, as I'm in the airport waiting for my flight down to Long Beach. I've lots and lots of really good pictures but the Blogger site doesn't seem to be lively today, so I'm just going to get on with blogging and then I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I've got a dreadful cold that came on two days ago, even still I plied while Courtney and Diane did all the running around. Diane has been going to the post office a lot and if you need yarn Knitting Central, Knit Stop, and Knitterly have recieved shipments. Knit Stop got the most as she had placed a huge order a while ago and we've been working on it for several months.

On Saturday I'm planning on going to Wild Fiber (Santa Monica) with the trunk show. Many natural colored skeins of Cashmere will be there, along with some beaded Cash/Silk in Newport Rocks... please come to see me!!

We are planning out our show at TNNA in San Diego our booth number is 534 please visit us for a sit down and a cuppa! We will have the couches again and the tea pot, along with tasty treats. Diane, Beth, Steven, Shelli and I will be working the booth and we are working hard to have "on Demand" yarn. We have been trying to get a ready supply built up, but it seems that every time we do someone calls for the yarn. Our phones seem to start ringing about the same time as the "One Skein Wonder" book came out and I've had a lot of calls from yarn shops looking into buying TFC yarn.
I'm so happy to be on the web and catching up with the over 100 e-mails and many projects on the web. I've also got a new computer which is lighter and has way more memory for lots of pictures! Keep checking as I'm really hoping to post pictures in the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, You,
Are you going to join Blair and I for Tea on Saturday, December 13th?
I found 2 Tea Houses in Long Beach.
I would like to try the one on Broadway. I tried the one on Atlantic Avenue and wasn't too impressed with their sandwiches.
If you can't go tomorrow, will you be around after Christmas for a Tea party?
Get better soon. It isn't fun having a cold.