Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Slight Detour......

Mike arrived! but before he did here is a picture of "the other man" in my life....

Mark, may he only know the "good kind" of yarn. He is holding a ball of Katie's Painted Hills, now being knitting into a Shoulder Candy....

Our new color-way Multnomah Falls drying, both in yarn and in fiber

Cleo playing with a piece of wooden fruit

This is a nice autumn morning here in St Helens, notice the light are on? It's 11:00am, also the flash went off taking this picture...

Mike arrived, and all is well with the world. My family always thinks I'm in need of a vacation, so Becky and Jan decided that we would all go to Victoria BC for a short interlude. As a result, Friday afternoon we were off to spend the night in Port Angeles WA and then the next morning we were getting up early to meet the 8:20am ferry, but were awakened a little earlier than planned when the fire alarm went off. Bleary eyed and unshowered we checked out and met the ferry.... Mike waiting for the Ferry, The Olympic Mountain Range behind him, again this is at 8:00 am

Jan made a little breakfast for us while we waited for the ferry but when we arrived in Victoria BC we decided that we needed "Second Breakfast", Jan and Neil's favorite place for breakfast

Becky's breakfast "Kippers and eggs"~note the tea cozy, Jan and I had a very in depth discussion about how this was knitted, when the waitress brought us both a pattern, ooh it's not knit in the round,

My breakfast, Bangers and potatoes

The whole gang

This is "Darth Vadar" not really playing a fiddle (there was noise but nothing close to music), it was more show than talent, but an "A" for show!

We had a wonderful time at the Natural History Museum, in fact we closed the place. Jan and I were the last out the door when we ran smack dab into the annual Santa Claus Parade, here are the people waiting

We shopped for a little while, here at Rogers Chocolates Neil deciding which one to get while sipping on free hot chocolate

Jan in Rogers Chocolate

Here's the parade, we watched as we walked to our dinner reservation at the Blue Crab

Bag-pipers with Christmas lights on the pipes

Breathtaking the Parliament building lit for the holidays

The gang with dinner, they had to put another table together for us to hold all the food...oh the food,

Becky's favorite- Crab

Now consumed

After the walking and eating we all fell into bed, a beautiful soft and large bed for Mike and I, Becky had her own room with an equally soft but somewhat smaller bed, and Jan and Neil in their RV some miles away.
Our morning today began with another meal at our new favorite and then a lovely drive to..........

Mike viewing the locals

For November in Canada this weather totally rocks... It was cool but not cold. In the sun almost warm...

Isn't this breath taking?

Surprising how many flowers were in bloom, there were Fuchsia's attended by Humming Birds in the Sunken Garden pictured here

Another fantastic view

While wandering, Mike and I came upon this bush of red berries



This bush has lavender berries

Redwood tree planted in 1939, Ann (my neighbor) planted one in 2005, for privacy.....

This bush had red flowers with blue berries

One lone Artichoke

Our new home, no really it's the Tea Room, where we had High Afternoon Tea

Mike in the Japanese Garden

Note; I want this in our back yard

And this

The hot house decorated for Christmas

The gang waiting for Tea


Don't think it's all been fun and games, I've been working on the lastest Shoulder Candy in Merino/Cashmere/Angora in Katie's Painted Hills so far two skeins have been used (I'm still using the second one, but I've got a long Ferry ride tomorrow)

Tomorrow we leave Victoria BC and travel by Ferry to Anacortes WA. and travel to Seattle to pick Steven up from the airport. Mike's plans are to drive home and stay there until he drives back to LA with Steven. We are hoping to continue this holiday in Seattle for another night.... I'll let you know..........

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for all the B.Garden pictures Trish! Will and I went there on our 1st wedding anniversary...21 years ago...and your pictures brought back lots of happy memories.