Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Weekend House Party

This weekend was an exciting one and busy as well. Beth arrived on Thursday and we got ready on Friday to start receiving visitors. Becky arrived and then we all went to a small gathering of friends of Beth's, we came home and Emma, Don and Mark arrived. On Saturday we had a wonderful slow day, getting caught up, Beth and I played with beads, Becky cooked and Don worked on the car. I did some knitting and enjoyed several good meals cooked by Becky. I don't have many pictures of this day due to the fact of a lost camera, see Becky's blog for better pictures. On Sunday we started cooking early and said good-bye to Emma, Don and Mark and hello to Ms. Audrey, Ann and Rob Mathers, and Adrienne and Paul. We cooked and tidied and then had a ball. It was all so good. Monday was Becky's birthday and I went into Portland with Beth, whom was on her way home via the bead shop. I went shopping and met Becky over at Jan and Neil's we all then went to a restaurant to celebrate Becky's official birthday. When Becky got home she found a new TV and Blue Ray DVD player, installed! I did it myself and am proud that I did it all myself. We watched some TV then went to bed. WOW!

These pictures are out of order, but I'm in the car with the heater on after getting kicked out (they closed) of the local coffee bar, so I'm doing my best

Jan and Neil at the restaurant last night

Everyone was so in love with Cleo, she weathered two dogs and Mark, she was so happy to be involved with all the party until Mark hit her several times. She did bat him but didn't break skin and Emma said it was a learning experience, I was horrified, but she was very calm, Cleo tended to steer clear when threatened with more of Mark's "love" LOL

Good Pals~ Becky and Adrienne

Cleo enjoying a restful Saturday afternoon in the Production Room

Beads, we love beads

Beth making her way to the car for a fun trip into Portland on a warm November morning

Ready to send a package to Knitterly! Me leaving Tanglewood Fiber Creations North

Can you say besotted? Cleo enjoying the calm before the storm

Beth reviewing the latest Knitting magazine

The colored leaves all over the path to the front door

The view from our front room

The tree lined street in Scappoose OR. along HWY 30

This is my drive from Portland to St. Helens, what you can't see here was the Bald Eagle flying just out of camera range...

Cornelus Pass

Today we made yarn, I plied 12 skeins and hoped to do more. Monday Courtney and Diane made yarn. We are almost ready to ship several orders.... we'll notify you when we send them out, hopefully tomorrow!

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