Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yarn Yarn and more Yarn!

I have been to Wild Fiber and have lots of wonderful photo's which I will download as soon as I find my camera, but today is a special day for me. 25 years ago I gave birth to a lovely baby boy.

He was 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 21 inches long. He had the bluest of eyes and the blondest of hair. He didn't fit into Mike's hand as Becky had, he was healthy, and didn't cry hardly at all.

I was so pleased with this big quiet baby. I felt like I had learned a thing or two about raising children, and since he was such a happy baby I thought I was the tip top Mom.

He slept all the time, I loved it.

He grew and grew and grew, his shoe size kept leaping up and up.

He was a very sensitive young child, and always thought about "feelings". Was hugely upset when we finally trapped the wild rat that he had been feeding under his bed........("don't kill her!!!! She has a family!!!)

The day they cut down the forest (harvested their own trees) was a dark day in the Andersen house. He was inconsolable and never really went for a walk in the (now meadow) "forest" again.

He always wanted to open a store and sell lots of things, for really low prices. He loves food especially shrimp. He doesn't like burnt food.

He is beloved by every stray animal and every child. He isn't really wild about animals or children but they gravitate to him. His chickens were the most friendly and tame chickens, they weren't the most well cared for, but when Steven would go into the field to feed them they would jump on his shoulders and follow him like a Pied Piper, 20 chickens following him, he would out stretch his arms and they would jump up and fight for the chance to be the closest to him.

He can't go into a grocery store without some older lady asking him to reach something for him, not that he minds, it's Steven.

He really loves Led Zepplin and all classic Rock, he wants Kashmir played at his funeral.

He has a dry quick wit and a keen sense of humor. He makes a super stand up comic.

He is quiet. Really quiet. He could sneak cookies, doughnuts, cake better than anyone I know. He has a powerful sweet tooth.

I always thought he would make a good Minister, sort of like his Great Grand Father, people tell Steven "things". It some times worries him I. E. how can I help?

He now helps with the business and has gone back to College. He thinks he wants to major in Business (yipee! for meeee!!!!) and is the most level of heads and calmest in the storm of crisis (very helpful in a family of quick tempers and drama queens).

I love this child, as anyone whom meets him does. He is kind, gentle and smart. Happy Birthday Son.


monkeyspinner said...

Tell him I said happy Birthday!

Bonnie Rose said...

You left out the most important thing in Steven's life....

He has a truly wonderful mother.

Anonymous said...

The apple does not fall far from the tree.....He has a great teacher! AND Miss Becky didn't turn out so bad either :) You MUST be doing something right!

Cheryl <^..^>