Monday, October 27, 2008

Wild Fiber!

What a lovely way to round off my time here in Los Angeles. A yarny day at Wild Fiber and a family day, restful Sunday.

Natasha (owner of Wild Fiber) lovingly stroking good yarn

Here is just some of the yarn waiting for new homes. don't they look lonely

My good friend Blair and Kathy are loving the Shoulder Candy, Kathy is learning how to knit and wants to learn how to Purl just to be able to knit her own Shoulder Candy

Me hard at work!

My good friend Monique and Dana, they loved the Yak/Merino Neck Candy I knit in the San Juan's in March

There were several others whom fondled yarn and it was a lovely day, I made it home late and went straight to bed.

The next morning it was Steven's Birthday! Steven aboard the Queen Mary for Brunch

The Glorious Food and great harp player in the middle of the food,

Steven happy and full...

Afterwards it was a nap and then off to see my second cousins visiting from BC Canada. The saddest part of the day was when I had to say good-bye to my Mom not knowing if I would see her alive again. She is now very ill and frail but we had a very nice visit and she told me not to cry but I did....

On Monday I had to take Cyrus and Cleo to the vet. Cleo only needed a booster shot, but Cyrus had an abscessed tooth. He stayed the night and had a full on teeth cleaning and abscess treatment. I packed the car and started the long drive home, just me and Cleo and lots and lots of Cashmere. I am stopping at Knitterly for a short while (they have high speed Internet), and then it is onto Oregon.
It has turned chilly here in Petaluma and rained briefly, after a long hot month. It was dreadfully warm in Southern California when I left and I couldn't really leave Cleo in the car longer than it took to take a rest stop, along the drive here to Petaluma.

It has been wonderful to see my good friends and do some odd knitting. I have learned so much and feel like I am home. Cleo is beside me as I type this and I'm bitter sweetly happy. I'm so homesick, and anxious to see Becky, Jan and Neil (I'm meeting up with them on Saturday). I miss Ms. Audrey and Farmer Al and looking forward to a big hug from them as it's been months.

~It is so hard to be everything to everyone, and sometime (it sucks not to be perfect, and I fully understand I'm not the only one) I fail, I know my real friends will pick me up but it sucks when the odd person takes a kick while I'm down. I have so much to be grateful for that I think it's time for a Grateful List!

1. I have a loving family

2. I have great friends

3. I have so many people all across the US (and some folks in New Zealand! ) that think what I do is great.

4. I have enough food

5. I have a house

6. I have health insurance

7. I have a fun job

8. I have a kitten and she loves me

9. Beth is coming to visit me!

10. I get to have a hug from Ms. Audrey, Sheila, Jan, Neil and Becky in the next day or two

11. I don't have to decorate or buy candy

12. It rained today and I was a wee bit cold

13. The bed in Shelli's "Yarn Temple" is heaven on earth

14. Gas prices have fallen almost a dollar a gallon

15. I got a good booth space at TNNA

16. I got to be with George yesterday

17. That you've bothered to read this whole list!

More photo's to come. Jan has high speed and wine, it might do the trick, or treat........


Anonymous said...

Where can I get the pattern for Shoulder Candy

Liz said...

Hi Trish, sorry to hear about your mom, we just lost my grandmother 3 weeks ago, so we have been going through the same thing. Love to fibery goodness though, was so excited to see your yarn at Article Pract!

Becky Rose said... Steven looks so much like Dad in those pictures. I'm getting all watery..

monkeyspinner said...

Oh Oh. I have never had brunch on the QM, isn't it haunted? It is warm in Humboldt I think it is really getting ready to rain. There is a new Yarn store opening up tomorrow night. Your wheels looks cute. That Drive sucks.Oh and I bought a ticket to go back to Peru at Xmas, for a guy but now I am having second thoughts... I know. Well it is all fun right?