Friday, November 07, 2008

The Journey Continues.....

Cleo is sleeping now but wait tomorrow, she is going to take a long ride in the car because Tanglewood Fiber Creations is on the road again! This time we are driving from Los Angeles to St. Helens OR. via Knitterly in Petaluma CA

After arriving in Petaluma and having a lovely "George" day we went to Knitterly we met up with Sandi and Alan
Alans hat in Yak/Merino

Alan wearing his hat

Sandi sewing up the hat she made for me

My hat in Yak/Silk with beads and Alan's hat along with the Hand Candy out of Yak/Silk beaded

Diane is new to Knitterly, she fingers the knitted projects

Shelli owner of Knitterly and the author of Neck Candy in the One Skein Wonders Luxury Yarns

Cleo was invited to visit Knitterly, she loved finding small items that were under things, and jumping into strangers arms and then just chillin......

This is the "treasure chest" of yarn I left at Knitterly, if you want good yarn call Shelli

Cleo as copilot waiting for the next leg of the journey

We left Knitterly on Friday Oct. 31 and made our way to Sheila's house. It was a little rainy but dry by the time we got into Oregon. A blissful sleep later and a lovely visit with Michael and Autumn, ( although Autumn didn't like Cleo as much as Cleo liked Autumn) and we were on the road again on to Beavercreek OR and Neil's Birthday party.
My friend Jan's a cook, look at the hor'derves!

This is the main course

Marcel and Dave

Ron and Jeri

Becky and the Birthday boy Neil

We are then introduced to Mexican Train a Domino game, Jeri is listening to the rule, she must have listened well and drunk less as Jeri won almost every game!

It got late and the guys all feel asleep on the couch at one point Ron was covered in Dogs

We then spent the night at Becky's and had restful Sunday at her place, we went to dinner with Don. Emma, Mark, Robin, and a host of others at the Lucky Lab brew pub in Portland. It was wonderful. Mark is really growing. I spent another night with Becky. We drove home on Monday after spinning with a group in Portland including Ms. Audrey! Coming home was a treat, The PNW is really having the best Autumn for color. Here is my own peace of heaven

Since arriving home much yarn work has been done. I've almost unpacked all the suit cases, boxes and bags. I voted, and went through two months of mail. I have plied two skeins of Sugar beaded and two skeins of beaded Newport Rocks along with 14 other of Newport Rocks all in Cashmere/Silk just two more skeins and we'll have enough for a long coat, an order we've been working on for months. It takes a long time to get that many skeins that go together for the same project. Several spinners worked on this project and once it is all dry and labeled I'll take a picture so you can see just what it looks like before the project is knit.

Tomorrow is dye day. Diane and Courtney are going to be helping me get things going. I'm so happy and glad to be in my little factory in the hills. I hope this post finds you as happy


Monkeyspinner said...

Cleo looks cute. It seems like your unstressing. How does Shelli always look younger when I see her?

Liz said...

What a fun trip! Cleo looks like she had a great time, I wonder how our Ruby would do on a trip, nothing seems to faze her. Bumed I missed you when I was down in Lakewood, we will have to try next time we are both down south.