Thursday, October 16, 2008

Taking another day of rest

I'm still resting but have gotten the computer to work, we can all thank Don for this. How he can help a thousand miles away I'm not sure but he is "My Computer Genius" (his business name) and performed this piece of magic, Thanks Don!
I've been on enforced rest. A brief time out yesterday and it was clear I needed another day of rest. Mike is right, as usual. So now with a working computer, I've been "resting" and used the time for surfing. I went on Raverly (I have to put the timer on usually as it can be a time sucker!) and my friend Gina at Loops has posted this wonderful "Shoulder Candy", a variation of the "Neck Candy". She made it out of one skein of the beaded "Stone" Cashmere/Silk. Yes, just one skein.
I love it.

Look how long this is! (Ok this is a really small picture but click on it and it will be bigger)

Another stolen picture. Sally came to Hill Country Weavers and blogged this picture. Thanks Sally!

I will find the camera and download more pictures in the near future. Last night I managed to make a home cooked meal. It was heaven and Steven volunteered to do the clean up. This afternoon Mike has approved my venture out to the Farmers Market. I'm going to get the wonderful Tamales that are homemade, just not by me! Steven is at school tonight so it will be a quiet evening for us.
Cleo has grown another foot it seems, not really but she has grown in height and length, but not so much in the middle. She still has the gaunt look but I think that is because she's still growing. She is enjoying evening romps in the garden (while under intense supervision, please don't rat me out to the adoption agency) and loves playing with Cyrus whom seems to enjoy her company and certainly her food.
She is such a love bug, so passionate. Glued to my side and after Mike leaves in the morning cuddles up, and makes it almost impossible to leave the bed, which of course is Mike's evil plan....
Talking about growing, the Cantaloupe is harvested when you put a slight pressure against the melon at the stem, and it will come free easily. Mike has done some Internet research. They are looking very yummy.

Mother is still with us, and went to another Doctor yesterday, she is so frail looking and a fraction of herself. I was glad to see her and made her laugh. I met the Spinning Guild President of Austin TX while at Hill Country Weavers, Iris. Iris is from Manchester, England not too far from Derby where Mom was raised. I was so lonesome for my Mom, and had the most awful feeling. Very soon I won't be able to hear my Mom's voice, that her slight English accent will only be echoed in a stranger's voice. I started to cry as Iris was happily chatting unaware that I was having this moment of panic. I soon pulled it together, and yes I know I can hear her talk now and will always, but it is great to hear it first person, rather than a memory. So I "banked" every word she said yesterday.
Now it's time to take care of myself and so I'm off to the Farmers Market.

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janel said...

hey Trish,

you might consider taping your mom talking so you can listen to it someday after she's gone. When my mom passed away (many years ago) the first thing I "lost" was her voice. I recently came across a recording of her and it was wonderful to hear her again.