Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Getting Caught up with the Blog

I've arrived in Austin and am sitting in Hill Country Weavers! But for now lets pretend it's two weeks ago and I'm in Oregon...

~Make that three weeks ago! I'm back in Los Angeles! My computer is on the fritz again and I couldn't post anything. Sorry, I still can't get e-mail (so if your waiting to hear from me sorry! I'll talk to Don when the hour is more reasonable). I can't believe how many air trips I've made. My body isn't sure what time zone it's in. I'm trying to catch up with sleeping and eating, Mike has taken the car keys away (not really but he has threatened) in an effort to enforce the sleeping part.
The eating part is going well, family members are doing takeout, but I'm making it hard as I'm on the "eating plan" again. Today it's my fondest wish to buy fruit and vegetables so as to do a home cooked meal, today I do have approval to venture out to do these and several other chores that can't wait.

SO here are lots and lots of pictures
Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival!
Here is my good friend Cynthia spinning some Newport Rocks in Cashmere and Silk on her new spindle, she couldn't wait to get spinning so I enabled her.....

The spinning circle under the trees. This year I did get to spin a little!

These are two spinners that are interviewing for TFC, since much water has flowed I can't remember their names. Becky was also at OFFF and probably knows them as she was doing the paper work while I went hunting for more spinners

Sheila with the buttons for my now completed Shoulder Candy. I completed it on the way to Westport CT. and even sewed on the buttons! It still hasn't been washed or blocked, another job before the next trunk show on Oct. 25th at Wild Fiber in Santa Monica

Two more happy TFC Spinners, Alexandra in the left, Carol on the right

Here is Jan's winner! This ewe lamb won the Best of Show Fleece at Oregon Flock and Fiber!

Here is the class in the ring, look at the Jacob's horns.

Alexandra and I had flown up to Oregon, and we had to go to Pappa Haydens for dinner and dessert. This is what we had.... see why I've got to be back on the "plan" clearly this has more than 4 ingredients, and my Grandmother would have never seen anything like this!

Back in Los Angeles and getting pretty for Knitting Central and Hill Country Weavers here's the toes

Matanu's toes getting her pretty for her wedding, which I missed :>( as I had committed to go to Knitting Central before they had made the date.....

Now I'm at Knitting Central and here is Sophie's Mom (time has passed and I've not found my notes on names sorry) this is a shawl she knitted out of one skein of beaded Merino/Silk in Newport Rocks and added some Art-Yarn to finish it off

I know the faces but again too much travel times. I know the wonderful lady on the left is going to make a kimono type vest from a pattern in Folk Vests out of Summer in Cashmere/Silk and the lady on the right is going to make a shoulder candy!

Much yarn had found it's way to new homes during my short stay with Cynthia and Rick at Knitting Central. It was all too short and I was back on a plane to Los Angeles. We all had so much fun that Cynthia has all ready booked the same weekend next year.
Here is Cleo! She has grown so and is taking a nap as Mom is making beaded yarn and has no time to play. I got home Monday night from Knitting Central, made yarn, did laundry and repacked on Tuesday, then early Wednesday was on another plane to Hill Country Weavers

The cantaloupes

The cacti garden with a flower almost opened

Traveling hasn't been kind to the wheel. Mike is doing some repair work. Thank goodness for a handy man

Flower opened!

This ends our blog for today. I've got way more pictures and will down load them after I go to Mom's Doctors appointment. I have to get some groceries as I'm feeling like I need fruit and serious veggies! I'm home for the next two weeks and then I'm driving home via Knitterly, with Cleo. I'll be able to blog more soon. If your waiting for an e-mail from me, I'll try and get things fixed tonight.


Jennifer said...

Hi Lynn - looks like a great and very busy few weeks. From Knitting Central - Susan K is modeling the shawl she made. I'm in the lilac with the lovely yarn for the Folk Vests and Lynn W is next to me. We had so much fun having you in Westport. My copy of Folk Vests just arrived at the store. I can hardly wait to get started on it.

Happy spinning!

Becky Rose said...

Sheep and Chocolate. Great post, Mom!