Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting back to business

Enough resting! I happy to report this is the first Monday in 4 weeks that someone hasn't had to pick me up from an airport! This morning I did wake after sleeping another 12 hour stretch, Cleo likes to have a warm sleeping human to curl up on. However at 1-3:00 am Cleo likes to play with every toy her besotted Mom has purchased, including the new feathery toy that has a long handle that bounces off walls and hardwood floors while the feather end is enjoyed. I have several long scratches where Cleo has made failed attempts to jump onto my lap, ahhh I love my new kitten. Her soft silky long body snuggled so close to my nose and mouth that breathing is almost impossible, but I am so glad to be smothered in this way. I'm so happy to have a kitten.
But now, let's go back in time to last weekend.........

Hill Country Weavers!

The knitting, spinning, and crocheting classrooms

This is the weaving studio

You can get lost in the endless possibilities here at Hill Country Weavers, yarn waiting for the chance to be garments...

Here is what Alan is going to have in this yarn, Yak/Merino in "Marble"

Cristi left her shawl for my display, it is a pattern of her own making and used only two skeins of Super-wash Merino in Newport Rocks

After getting to Austin and a quick look at the shop we went home and this is my bed! I loved every short minute spent here

Barbara picking out her Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn

Michelle with her "loot"

Newport Rocks in Cashmere

Newport Rocks in Textured Cashmere

I actually made this huge skein of Camel/Silk beaded yarn for myself to knit another Shoulder Candy but some one else saw it's possibilities and it went home with them........

A basket of one of this season's new color Lavender Moon, in Merino/Angora/Cashmere and Cashmere/Silk

Erica's Sunstone" another one of our new colors

A virtual cupcake, across the street from HCW is an converted AirStream trailer that sells these decadent cupcakes, wow they were good!

I love food and a little Austin history this is where "Whole Foods" started!

This was our yummy dinner

A Happy "Yarn Crawl" attendee

Pam clutching her beaded skein of Newport Rocks in Cashmere/Silk

I thought this was Cristi but now think it is Michelle, it is a beautiful shawl

Suzanne the owner of HIll Country Weavers picked out this skein of beaded Cashmere/Silk in "Stone" for a project and a little something else to extend the yardage

Susan, an employee at HCW now the student this is the very first time she has ever spun, and she did really well

Carole was there spinning as well and got a lot of yarn completed which she will weave with, a knitter she is NOT (her words not mine but I agree that everyone should know what they like and like what they do, and she doesn't like knitting)

Karen, a dear friend of Susan, whom with her friend joined us and spun

I had a wonderful time at Hill Country Weavers, started a Pi Shawl because they eat pie while knitting Pi Shawls. Saw sights of Austin and thought how different Texas was from California, but not... Everyone at Hill Country Weavers was so wonderful and talented! I'm looking forward to going back in Feb., to teach Spinning Beyond the Basics.
I was glad to come home and remain in one time zone for a week. Several long days of rest and slight yarn making now the clock advances to Thursday and I went to check on the melons.......
This one came off in my hand

Lovely color and good eat'n too!

Since we have turned back the clock, visiting last weekend, it now begins to travel faster forward in time to Oct. 18th and this is Blair! It's her big 50 Birthday. I have already had this birthday, and couldn't have been more thrilled to join her friends and family to celebrate


Here is Mike making his point in a kitchen where I grew up. This kitchen saw happy times for me and was more home than my own. Mrs. Bacon was/is the best cook and had fun parties and great idea's. She was (and still is) giving of her time for charity work and her home for anything anyone needs, my "home". Blair and her family are people that have known me before marriage/children/drivers licence/TFC. Last year at this time I wrote about my friend Blair you might want to go back in time to get to know this wonderful and important person.

Balir and I chatted with Mike about how important Blair was/is in my life. She was the voice of reason to all my hairbrained idea's, now that job has fallen on Mike and Becky, but still when I really want a straight answer-call Blair. Of course I feel like I brought/bring, excitement and adventure into Blair/Mike's/Becky's life but that's another story.........

The time clock is now advancing to Sunday morning, after the large and rocking "punch" that someone with a heavy hand made this is my rose bush that got pruned along with all the other rose bushes here at Andersen South

Time advances again and we are onto Stressful Monday. Steven and I had several high stress chores to do. This is the only one I can tell you about, Shoe Shopping with Steven.
Shoe shopping with me is a chore but with Steven it is a double chore. After a long day of "bad", the list of hard things had been crossed off to #5. Buy Steven Shoe's.
Neither one of us wanted to go, both of us wishing shoes could magicilly appear onto Steven's feet. We went to the (probably one of) oldest shop in the area. There is a man, a blessed man that makes the right shoes appear within seconds of walking through the door, no knitting time at all. Hurray! Steven with two pairs of shoes. #6. Go to the Bank

One success after lots of hard things, both Steven and I were needing the loving comfort of home, so we skipped the bank, drove straight home. Steven went right to bed and Mike poured out the liquid heaven. I drank deeply and then jumped over 6. Go to Bank onto 7. Find Camera and download all the pictures

Things do feel better this morning and I'm ready to take up the list again.
1. Look at "Skilled Nursing Faucilities,
2. Go to Bank,
3. Dye at least two pounds of Cashmere,
4. Wind off the 6 skeins of reg. Chocolate Cashmere.
5. Bead all the Merino/Silk for the trunk show at Knitterly Oct. 30th,
6. Start calling about lost box of lots of yarn
7. Confirm with Wild Fiber about the Trunk Show on Oct. 25th,
8. Make some sort of Birthday plan for Steven
9. Make healthy dinner for Mike and I (Steven has school tonight)
10. Go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Off to start my day!

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