Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Breakfast in Westport CT. Lunch in Dallas TX, Dinner in Los Angeles CA

I've been and gone to Knitting Central in Westport CT. I want to thank everyone that came to Knitting Central this past weekend.

This is a textured (or as Cynthia of Knitting Central calls it "Fluffy") Cashmere Afghan. The hand sporting the fingerless mittens are going to be another feature item in the "One Skein Wonder's Luxury Yarn" book due out this month

Everyone at Tanglewood Fiber Creations wants to thank them, everyone. We've never had such a weekend. I've just got 12 hours to make several skeins of yarn for my trip to Hill Country Weavers in Austin TX. tomorrow, so I am only going to post this. I promise, promise, promise when I get home or if Suzanne at Hill Country Weavers has high speed internet I will post lots and lots of pictures and get all caught up. Right now it's off to bead yarn and do my laundry.
Quick updates,
Mom is still at a nursing facility and hopefully going to Emerald Isle today. I was able to speak to her yesterday and made her laugh but her voice was so weak and sad.
There are four Cantaloupe fruit on the vine.
Cleo has almost doubled in size since she has been getting premium food and lots of love. It's so hard to leave her and so great to cuddle her when I get home. She likes feathers.....

I finished two projects, The No-bodies Child's sweater is pretty much completed and the Shoulder Candy is finished but not blocked (another project for today)
The next Trunk show (after Hill Country Weavers) is at Wild Fiber in Santa Monica, CA. on Oct. 25th. great for me, as there will be no air travel involved. After that I shall drive to St. Helens OR. (via Knitterly?) to make lots and lots of yarn. Mike and I plan to be in St. Helens for at least November. I can hardly wait. Although while I've been away Mike and Steven have been hard at work on the front of our little house here in Los Angeles, making it look less scary and more a place where people live.
My friend Blair is going to turn the big 50 and I get to go to her party!
If you are going to be anywhere near Hill Country Weavers in Austin TX this weekend I can hardly wait to see you. If you came to Knitting Central, thanks it was great to meet you and if you live near Santa Monica Ca. come see me at Wild Fiber!


Jennifer said...

We were so thrilled that you came to meet us in Westport! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy of Folk Vests so I can knit up my new Tanglewood Fiber. We hope you'll come back soon.

Hugs for you and your mother.

Becky Rose said...

That Shoulder Candy really does look fabulous on that dress form....