Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm still here

Just a quick note to tell you I'm in Los Angeles and will down load pictures sometime today or tomorrow. It's very hot here and I'm really tired. I'm trying to catch up and will be rested just in time for another adventure!

I'll be flying to Knitting Central on Friday and be in the shop on Saturday and Sunday, then fly home to Los Angeles then onto Austin Texas to be visiting Hill Country Weavers on Thursday through Sunday for a Gala Yarn Crawl.

Some updates~ our new kitten is Cleopatra, Cleo for short. Beth also had/has a cat named Cleo, I did ask and get permission to name ours the same as hers, she was glad and excited! Thanks Beth!

Our mystery plant is a cantaloupe, there are three very large melons growing and we are now wondering when you harvest cantaloupe? A sign we need a sign!

Mom is doing about the same or even a little better according to Dad. I'm off to visit her soon.

I had a wonderful time at OFFF (some of my spinners, Carol, Deidra, Terry and Vicki, Diane, Ms. Wibbles, ( if you aren't listed here I'll remember when i look at the pictures)) I collected hugs from everyone, joy. Bought knitting needles and buttons from Sheila and Michael Ernst. I watched Jan take Best of Show for Spinning Fleece with one of her fine wool ewe's. We met some new prosective spinners and I'm really looking forward to seeing their test fibers spun. I got special hugs from Cynthia N. and Nancy H, pal'ed around with Bonnie and Sarah. I have lots and lots of pictures to show you, of all of this fun and more.
I'm making lots of yarn this week and looking forward to seeing a lot of new friends at Knitting Central and Hill Country Weavers!


monkeyspinner said...

Wow. I was going to go to Petaluma to hear the yarn harlot but it is a trek... Glad your mom is better. Hope your taking good care of yourself and had fun at OFF.

Jennifer said...

Trish - I loved meeting you today. I'm so excited to make the folk vest. I can hardly wait for my book to arrive. Thanks for coming to Connecticut. We are so fortunate to have Cynthia and Knitting Central. I hope Sunday is another great success. Happy knitting and spinning and safe travels.