Monday, August 25, 2008

A slow trip back

After leaving Red Bluff I made my way slowly towards the coast of California. It was a pleasant drive. I suddenly came across an advertisement for a Petrified Forest! I had to stop, silly me I thought the only place there was a petrified forest was Arizona, but here to my surprise was a lovely walk and a history lesson! This is a petrified Coastal Redwood. I missed Becky as I remembered our trip to Redwood Forest this past November

I arrived in Santa Rosa Ca. early and decided to have lunch and get my hair cut. It was lovely having a stretch of time that wasn't spoken for two times over! I got to shop at a wonderful market with fresh local produce. I had a longing for a ripe tomato so I bought some in hopes that Ruth and her family would join me, turns out that only Ruth and I like tomatoes. We had wine overlooking a green space on her terrace. The wet lands weren't very wet, but I could see lots of bird life as the Humming Birds buzzed our heads. The sun was setting in the west, and we talked and talked and talked

True California! This is what I longed for when so sick this spring....Caprese Salad with fresh baked sourdough bread

I left Santa Rosa and drove a short way to Fairfax, but two cups of tea, and several bottles of water I decided to stop and
since I was on an adventure I stopped at this quiet spot, Olompali State Park. These "Naked Ladies" were everywhere

The old barn framing a lovely view of the valley, this land has been inhabited since 6000BC. Of course the natives were run off and Mary Burdell's family settled there. It had a very interesting history after the family left, and became a commune during the "Summer of Love". I would have loved to live here anytime

I was off again to have lunch with Emma, Don, Mark, Pat, Peter, John and......

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