Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the long trail to California

Becky came up and helpped finish packing up with me, it was 102 and I began to get a little sick from the heat so I spent the night with Becky since she has an air conditioner. Next morning Becky cooked this breakfast for us......

This is a quick view of the disaster I'm rolling down the road with, since this picture I've moved things around a bit

This was amazing Starlings bathing in a puddle in 100 degree heat

I got as far as my friend Sheila's house. I spent the night in heaven. I love this red arbor

My host and hostess, Sheila and Michael

Sheila and Me saying good bye

Tomorrow my goal is to get to the Bay Area in California. Tonight I'm in a Best Western in Red Bluff, as I began to not feel well again. I'm sure it's the heat. Beth and I talked and she sent me lovely pictures of Moses. I miss my cat. I want a cat so bad that I spent some time in the parking lot of the hotel chaseing the feral kittens that are all over the place. They were really wild and as Becky pointed out they would have loads of health problems, they are really small and thin along with all the other cats milling around this place.
I miss Mike and sad to be going away from the green of Oregon, even though we've had three days of over 100 degree heat. I'm going to get into bed and


monkeyspinner said...

Aww take it easy. I was so happy driving up from Palm springs. It got greener but I still miss peru. I made an opps about when school starts ( next week not this ) opps. but my leg hurt for almost a day be careful

Sheila E said...

Miss you already!! But what fun it was having you here! Thanks for the visit Trish...and Do Take good care, you are precious to Me ;)

Mokihana said...

I bet you stayed at the Best Western Red Bluff with the aviary and the koi pond? We were there on the 11th of August, on our way to the San Jose area for my mom's memorial service. We ate our breakfast in front of the aviary and got some fabulous photos. But oh man, how hot it was!

Lisa S said...

NOW I know what Sheila & Michael's house looks like! So kewwt! I hope that you made it safely and are feeling less of the effects of yucky heat. It is quite a shock to leave the green or Oregon at this time of year.
Sending you strength.