Friday, August 15, 2008

And finally

After our outing we worked more. Erica and I dyed and Mike and I did yard work then on Sunday we joined Emma for her Birthday dinner

Mark with "Aunty Becky"

A lily I found in my garden

Another view of the garden-just proud you can see the garden as it was really really Tanglewood when we got home on Wed.

This is "before" we weeded....

A view from my chair while sipping tea, after weedeating and mowing

Monday was spent packing for Erica's departure and Mike's we finished our dyeing including a new new color-way
Tuesday Erica's leaving :>(

Wednesday Mike left and I went to judge the Oregon State Fair, then afterwards joined Becky at work. This is what I knitted while she was working

Finally the new color-way "Multnomah Falls"

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